June 15, 2024
How To Pause Your Streaks On Snapchat?

How To Pause Your Streaks On Snapchat? Never lose ???? Now

Snapchat steaks not only tell about your bond with a Snapchat friend but also helps you to increase your Snapchat score. But sometimes maintaining them can be hard if you are going on a Snapchat break. Well! The good news you now pause your streaks on Snapchat. In this article, we will show you how to pause your streaks on Snapchat.

On 1st March 2023, Snapchat Inc announced that they will be launching a new feature that will allow users to pause streaks on Snapchat. This was an attempt to save your friendship and bond with a certain Snapchat friend. Snapchat and Snapchat plus subscribers can pause more than one streak at a time the first streak restore will be free of cost. To know more about how to pause your streaks on Snapchat read the section below.

How to Pause Your Streaks on Snapchat?

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As we know Snapchat users religiously maintain streaks on Snapchat and with the evolution of Snapchat streaks remains one of the major reason for app engagement. But sometimes these streaks can be frustrating and makes many users wonder how to pause your streaks on Snapchat. Now Snapchat plus subscribers can freeze their Snapchat streak within the app whenever they feel like taking a detox break from Snapchat. Snapchat recently launched its new My AI chatbot feature which is also predicted to be a revolutionary feature by everyone.

Coming back to how to pause your streaks on Snapchat and what it has to offer us, team Snapchat wrote, “A lost Snap Streak doesn’t mean your friendship has gone cold, so starting today, we’re making it easier to take a break with a new feature we’re testing to let you reignite the spark and restore one Streak for free with just one tap.”

In order words, we believe this is an attempt by Snapchat to allow its users to easily take a break from Snapchat and release any pressure of maintaining streaks. You can now pause or freeze your Snapchat streaks whenever they feel like taking a detox break or going off the grid.

pause streaks


To know how to pause your streaks on Snapchat you might have to wait until the feature is released for everyone. But before that, you can still restore multiple Snapchat streaks. Your 1st Snapchat streak will be free of cost and after that Snapchat might charge you $0.99. Soon the feature to pause streaks will be available as an in-app option on the application which will allow you to pause streaks on Snapchat in a single click.

To quote Snapchat Inc “Snapchatters looking to restore more than once will have the option to add more Streak Restores right from the app, and coming soon, we’ll also be adding a new way for Snapchat+ subscribers to freeze their Streaks, putting things on pause when they know they’re going off the grid.” Well, for now, this is all about how to pause your streaks on Snapchat until it’s fully launched by Snapchat.

How To Restore Snapchat Streak? Updated 2023

It can be devastating when you lost your streak with your best friend on Snapchat. So, before you know how to pause your streaks on Snapchat till it is launched it is vital for you to know how to restore the Snapchat streak. Follow up on the steps given below to know how to restore your Snapchat streak:

Step 1: Open Snapchat>tap on the chat icon to open chats.

Step 2: Hold and press on the friend with whom you want to restore your lost streak.

Note: You can restore a Snapchat streak within a limited (24 hours) time so if you cannot get the app option to restore the streak then it is because too much time has passed.

Step 3: Tap on “Chat settings”>tap on the “Restore” button to restore your first Snapchat streak for free after that you will have to pay $0.99 for every streak restore.

Note: Keep in mind you can not restore multiple streaks at once.

How To Restore Snapchat Streak Via Snapchat Support Page?

Step 1: Go to the Snapchat support page>type Snapchat streak on the search bar and open it.

Step 2: Tap on let us know option and select “I lost my Snapchat streak”.

Step 3: Fill in your credentials and enter CAPTCHA and submit your request.

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End Line

We hope by now you know how to pause your streak on Snapchat and how Does Snapchat pause streak process works. The feature will soon be launched for all Snapchat users and we can wait to try it out.

We hope our article was helpful enough, please leave us feedback in the comment box below and If you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

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Q1. How Does The Pause Feature Work on Snapchat?

The pause streak feature will be exclusively launched for Snapchat plus users where you can freeze streaks on Snapchat directly from the application’s in-app option. Alternatively, you can also restore your Snapchat streak multiple times with your first streak restoration being free of cost. Past that you will have to pay 99 cents for each streak restoration.

Q2. Can you pause streaks on Snapchat?

Yes, you can now pause streaks on Snapchat. The feature launched by Snapchat will allow Snapchat plus users to freeze or pause their Snapchat before they decide to take a break from the application.

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