June 15, 2024
Can Snapchat My AI Report You

Can Snapchat My AI Report You? All Possible Details

Everyone is hooked to Snapchat’s My AI chatbot but as AI is new to a few people on social media many are reluctant to use My AI and wonder can Snapchat My AI report you? Don’t worry in this article we will answer all your queries regarding My AI chatbot and can Snapchat My AI report you or not.

Well, if you are skeptical about talking to my AI on Snapchat as there are chances that the conversation can be regarding anything don’t worry fortunately Snapchat’s My AI cannot report you. But keep in mind your conversation with My AI will be thoroughly reviewed by team Snapchat and if they notice any guideline violation there are chances that you can lose access to My AI on Snapchat. If you are still confused about can Snapchat My AI report you or not go, through the section below to get your answer for can Snapchat My AI report you in detail.

What Is My AI Chatbot?

Before you know can Snapchat My AI report you or not let’s dig in to know what is My AI chatbot on Snapchat. My AI chatbot on Snapchat is a revolutionary feature added by Snapchat for users to have conversations with to chatbot just like any other virtual friend. My AI is powered by Chat GPT and one can ask any type of questions to My AI like a translation of languages or a dinner date plan etc.

As AI in general is a controversial concept many people are reluctant to use My AI and wonder if Snapchat My AI is safe or can Snapchat My AI report you or not. To get answers to all these questions read through the section below.

Why Is My AI On Snapchat Saying We Are Not Speaking Right Now?

If you abuse My AI on Snapchat it will temporarily disable your access on Snapchat. If in such a case you try to talk with My AI on Snapchat it will end up saying or replying to you with any messages with “Sorry, we’re not speaking right now.” In such a case, we highly recommend you not use any abusive language with My AI on Snapchat. As your conversation with My AI is reviewed by Snapchat, there are chances that your Snapchat account might even get disabled as well.

Can Snapchat My AI Report You Or Not?

No, Snapchat My AI does not report you. But it is wise to keep in mind that your interaction with My AI is strategically reviewed by Snapchat. This is for the optimization of My AI. Any violation of Snapchat guidelines can withdraw your access to My AI temporarily. Keep in mind that you do not use any racist language or sexually provoking words, bullying, or hate speech. Derogatory or biased statements are also not liked by team Snapchat as well.

Therefore there is a thin possibility of you getting reported by My AI on Snapchat only if you use harmful or “non-conforming” language. Any detection of such words can temporarily disable your My AI on Snapchat.

It has been officially announced by Snapchat while launching My AI that they will be reviewing each and every conversation one will have with My AI. As AI has the capacity to use your sensitive conversation against you. Therefore to make sure that My AI becomes a successful feature of Snapchat we believe team Snapchat has been doing everything possible to inculcate My AI in Snapchat user’s life.

As of now, it is clear that My AI cannot report you on Snapchat. On the bright side, you have to power to report My AI if in case you notice something sly or you are not satisfied with My AI. Alternatively, if you think reporting can be harsh you can also add in feedback to My AI’s responses to you.

How Can You Report My AI To Snapchat?

Yes, you can report My AI On Snapchat. As My AI is an AI technology there are very thin chances that the chatbot can use inappropriate words or repeat statements. So in such cases, you can report My AI to the Snapchat team. Follow the steps given below to know how can you report My AI to Snapchat:

Step 1. Open Snapchat> Go to Chats.

Step 2. Tap on “My AI” pinned at the top.

Step 3. Ask My AI any question and if you think it’s appropriate>tap and hold on to My AI’s reply.

Step 4. From the pop-up menu tap on the “Report” option with a red flag.

Step 5. Now state why you think the answer was invalid> Hit the “Submit” option.

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End Line

We hope by now you know whether can Snapchat My AI report you or not. And how can you report My AI on Snapchat. My AI on Snapchat cannot report you until you do not use inappropriate language or violate community guidelines. Each conversation with My AI is reviewed by team Snapchat for feature optimization.

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Q1. Will My AI share your conversations with Snapchat?

Yes, it has been officially said by team Snapchat that every conversation you have with My AI will be reviewed by team Snapchat. Unlike any other conversation with your Snapchat friend with us highly private.

Q2. What happens when My AI reports you on Snapchat?

When you use inappropriate language there are chances My AI will report you and disable your access to My AI temporarily. However, the chances are very thin still if My AI reports you on Snapchat. You will get the message “Sorry, we’re not speaking right now” whenever you will try to access My AI.

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