June 19, 2024
How To Get Streaks Back On Snapchat

How To Get Streaks Back On Snapchat? Tried And Tested Ways

A Snapchat streak is a rapport that you built with your friend on Snapchat by sending them photos or videos every day – once in 24 hours. Then Snapchat counts those videos and pictures as streaks – which are the number of snaps sent to that person on daily basis. In case you have missed sending a snap to your streak buddy and want to know how to get streaks back on Snapchat, don’t get worried my friend I got you! The digits that are next to the fire emoji indicate the number of days in a streak. Sending streaks is a popular and fun way for Snapchat users to keep and maintain their relationships with their friends on this platform.

To know how to get streaks back on Snapchat that you have lost recently follow the instructions

Go to settings<support>I need help>I lost my streak>How do I restore my snapstreak>Fill in the form> Submit. The streaks will appear back in an hour or so. To learn more about How to get streaks back on Snapchat for iPhone and Android, look through the section below.

How To Get Streaks Back On Snapchat?

Instagram offers a feature that enables us to restore our streaks by using the option I need help in the support section. Below are the stepwise instructions that help us to know how to get streaks back on Snapchat:

Step 1: Log in to your “Snapchat account”>Tap on the bitmoji icon at the top to go to your profile page.

Step 2: Choose the “Settings” option>Scroll down to the section under “Supports

Step 3: Tap on “I Need Help” >tap on  “I lost my Snapstreaks.”

Step 4: Scroll and choose the “How do I restore my Snapchat?” option

Step 5: Choose My Snap streaks disappeared option

Step 6: Fill out the form with information as you can> Hit the Send button to submit the form

You will get back your streaks an hour or so after your request is submitted.

But before we opt for the above-mentioned process of how to get streaks back on Snapchat, we need to try a few more things to help us easily get back the Snapchat streaks

  1. Check with the internet connectivity: If the network connection to your phone is deranged, streaks may occasionally be lost. Before you send your friend a snap, check to see if you have a sound internet connection.
  2. Sending a snap Immediately: You can send your pal a snap as soon as you discover you’ve lost a streak.
  3. Be regular in sending the snap: For you to maintain and keep the momentum of streaks going you need to send the snap to your friend every day. That will increase your  snap score too.

Note: Fortunately, If missed a snap scenario with your friend you can ask Snapchat to restore your snap streak and start where you left off.

What Doesn’t Count Towards Snapstreak?

Not all interactions you have with your Streak buddy on Snapchat count towards a Snap streak. Some of the following don’t contribute to a Snap streak:

  • Text messages that you exchange with your friends can not be counted as a snap streak. Only snaps be that videos or pictures can be counted
  • Sending snaps to groups in which you have your friend added and which whom you are trying to maintain your snap streak will not be counted. Sending them personal snaps is the only way to maintain your streak.
  • Replying on the snaps can not count towards your Snapstreak. Snaps that you send as an initial message will be counted only
  • Snaps that you send to your friend which won’t be opened within 24 hours cannot be counted as a snap streak. So make sure your pal opens the snap you send them in a well-timed manner to keep your streak going.
  • If you and your streak friend exchange memories that won’t be added or counted to snap streak.

Note Making sure you and your Snapchat buddy exchange snap each day is the best method to keep up a streak.

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Wrapping up!

For you to have a Snapchat streak going you need to send your friend a snap a day, stop letting it break away 😉

just keeping it simple

Frequently asked questions

Question 1. What is the highest Snapchat streak ever?

Answer. The highest snap streak ever has been scored is 2798+snaps, Hannah and Lauren. Luckey holds this world record for the longest Snapchat streak, having continued the run since the app’s launch of this feature on April 6, 2015. They accumulated 2798+ snap chat streaks as of December 2022 which to date have grown into a bigger number.

Question 2. How long does 1 streak last?

Answer. A snap streak last for as long as you and your friend keep exchanging snaps with each other every once in 24 hours. If an hourglass emoji appears next to your friend’s name instead of a flame emoji, your streak is set to end. If you notice that,  send a snap immediately to your friend to save that streak!

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