June 20, 2024
Snapchat Map Bitmoji Meanings

All Snapchat Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 Explained – Find Any Activity!

Snapchat has some of the most engaging features like Snapchat streaks or Snapchat filters One of the most loved features on Snapchat is Snapchat maps which allows you to see the location of your Snapchat friends. Have you ever opened Snap map and noticed bitmoji displaying some action and want to know Snapchat map bitmoji meanings 2023? What does Snapchat map bitmoji mean on Snapchat? Well in this article we will discuss and cover various Snapchat map bitmoji meanings on Snapchat.

We all use Snapchat maps whether it’s for knowing our friend’s location or for knowing when they were last active on Snapchat. Each Snapchat friend’s location is displayed by their bitmoji and each bitmoji on the Snapchat map holds a different meaning. Well, these Snapchat map bitmoji are known as action bitmoji which display different various actions depending upon your friend’s activity on Snapchat. These bitmojis can be quite confusing which is why many people want to know the Snapchat map bitmoji meanings. We have listed all the Snapchat map bitmoji meanings for you in the section below.

What Are Snapchat Maps?

Before you know about different Snapchat bitmoji meanings on Snapchat you must know all about Snapchat maps. Snapchat map is a unique feature that will allow you to look into your Snapchat friend’s locations and know what they are doing right now. It is quite similar to Google Maps but it only updates your location whenever you open Snapchat. Snapchat Plus is a subscription version of Snapchat which has exclusive features like My AI or ghost trail.

If you are wondering what does ghost trail mean on Snapchat? Well, the ghost trail feature on Snapchat is exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers which allows you to see the location as well as the path your friend took to reach a destination. Now let’s learn about different Snapchat Map bitmoji meanings on Snapchat 2023.

All Snapchat Map Bitmoji Meanings List 2023

Now let’s talk about various Snapchat map bitmoji meanings. As these bitmojis reflect what your friends are doing right now with the help of an action bitmoji. You must have noticed a few unique friends bitmoji on your Snapchat map doing some activity like driving a red/yellow car or sleeping on the couch. Bitmoji on Snapchat maps changes their appearance according to someone’s activity on Snapchat as well as in real life. Follow up the list below to know about all the different Snapchat map bitmoji meanings with pictures.

1. Bitmoji Holding Phone: Whenever you see a friend’s bitmoji on Snapchat map holding a phone it means that they are currently using Snapchat for voice calling or video calling.

2. Bitmoji Driving A Car: this one is common, you might have seen your friend bitmoji driving a car on Snap map which implies that they are traveling via a car or driving. These cars are presented in different colors like yellow and red.

3. Hanging Out With Friends: Whenever you and your friends are at the same location sitting together and just chilling everyone’s bitmoji will be displayed together in a cluster on the Snap map.

4. Birthday Actionmoji: If you see someone’s bitmoji on the Snapchat map with a birthday hat and balloon it means that it’s their birthday today.

5. Flying In A Plane: If you see someone’s bitmoji in a plane or a seaplane it means they are traveling by air and have recently opened their Snapchat while boarding the plane.

6. Hanging Out At The Beach: If your Snapchat friend is somewhere on the beach his/her action bitmoji will be displayed as with a sandcastle on the Snapchat map.

7. Hearing Music: If your Snapchat friend is listing to music while using Snapchat their action bitmoji will be displayed with headphones and music notes.

8. On A Boat Or Cruise: If you or your friend is on a ship or a boat your Snapchat action bitmoji will be bitmoji will also be in a boat or a ship.

9. Travelling On A Train: A action bitmoji on a Snapchat map implies that you or your friend is traveling via a train to a certain destination.

10. Sleeping Bitmoji: The sleeping Bitmoji on the Snapchat map showcase that you are sleeping depending on your slow activity on Snapchat. You are shown as sleeping with five z or laying on a couch.

11. Bitmoji With A Camera: If anyone’s Bitmoji is displayed with a camera it means that they are exploring some tourist sites around that location.

12. Bitmoji With Suitcases: If someone’s action bitmoji is shown as relaxing with luggage it means that they are waiting at the airport or they are near an airport.

13. Music Concert Bitmoji: If you are attending a music concert or a fest then your bitmoji will be shown as grooving at a rock concert.

14. Playing Sports: If someone is playing any kind of sport like golf or tennis their action bitmoji will also be represented as playing that particular game.

15. Attending A Sports Event: If someone is attending a sports game from a stadium their bitmoji is also displayed in a stadium.

What is Snap Map Bitmoji Holding Phone Meaning

If you see one of your friends bitmoji holding a phone on Snapchat it means that they are currently using Snapchat on their mobile phone.

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End Line

We hope by now you’ve learned about all the Snapchat map bitmoji meanings. Each Snapchat map bitmoji is represented as a particular activity they are doing in their real life depending on their Snapchat activity as well. If you are traveling or attending a concert your activity will be displayed with Actionmoji on Snapchat map.

We hope our article was helpful enough, to know about various Snapchat map bitmoji meanings. Please leave us feedback in the comment box below and If you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

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Q1. What is the meaning of Bitmoji?

Bitmoji on Snapchat is a virtual avatar on Snapchat looks like a personalized cartoon that is unique in its way. Everyone can create and customise their Snapchat bitmoji accordingly.

Q2. Does Snapchat tell someone if I view their location on Snapchat maps?

No Snapchat does not send out notifications when you view or take a look at their current location on Snapchat. If the user has disabled ghost mode everyone can see their location on Snapchat.

Q3. What does ghost trail mean on Snapchat?

The ghost trail on Snapchat is an exclusive feature for Snapchat plPlusubscriber that allows its users to track the path and movement of their Snapchat friends on the Snapchat map. The ghost trail is shown as a yellow dotted line on the Snapchat map and works only if they have enabled their location on Snapchat.

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