June 17, 2024
how to delete a post on BeReal

How To Delete A Post On BeReal App?

So you’re a new BeReal user and want to delete your crappy first time ever clicked BeReal photo after posting it, but how? In our today’s guide, we will let you guys explore, how to delete a post on BeReal. Everyone knows that BeReal is a popular filterless app, which is becoming more and more popular because of its real image.

There are many people who still do not know about this amazing app and probably for this reason you have also come here with your query. In some of our previous articles, we explained how to make your first post on BeReal, when you get notifications from the app, how can we see the BeReal recap, and complete guides for some errors related to it, provided to you.

But today’s question is also no less than a problem, to know how to delete a post on BeReal on your iPhone device, then, open the app on your device>tap on the three dots>options>select the delete my BeReal option>confirm it by tapping on the yes, I’m sure and so be done!

Either way, if you are not satisfied with our mini-guide or short answer, how about you read this article till the end? let’s get started with our today’s guide and how to delete a post on BeReal!

How To Delete A Post On BeReal App?

how to delete a post on BeReal

The BeReal app is equally compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, so let’s know how to delete posted BeReal posts from your own iPhone or Android device, due to your mistake or any other reason.

How To Delete A Post On BeReal App On iPhone?

Deleting a post on BeReal is as easy as deleting an Instagram or Facebook post. So just follow the below-mentioned step guide to know how to delete a post on BeReal app on your iPhone device.

Step 1: In the very first, open the BeReal app on your iPhone device.

Step 2: Move to your profile and find the post, you wish to delete or remove.

Step 3: At the right side of your location, tap on the three dots.

Step 4: After getting this far, a new window displaying your location, and comments will appear on your screen, then, hit the options.

Step 5: Now, simply tap on the delete my BeReal option.

Step 6: Just for the procedure, give a valid about why you want to delete that post in the description box.

Step 7: Confirm the procedure by hitting the yes, I’m sure button and so you are done!

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How To Delete A Post On BeReal App On Android?

how to delete a post on BeReal

As we told you in the above-mentioned iPhone case how you can delete BeReal post by following a few steps, similarly you have to solve your query with the same steps in Android as well. Follow the below-mentioned step guide on how to delete a post on BeReal app on an android device.

Step 1: Same as the first step of the iPhone case, launch the BeReal app.

Step 2: Select the post>tap on the three dots right next to the location on your screen.

Step 3: Next, a window will pop up on your screen then, choose to select the delete my BeReal post option.

Step 4: There will be a description box, type down your valid reason, and confirm the entire procedure by hitting the yes, I’m sure option.

So, this is how to delete a post on BeReal on android & on iPhone devices.

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Polish Off!

We truly expect that you guys know how to delete a post on BeReal app on both android and iPhone devices. For Android users, open the BeReal app>select post>tap on three dots>delete my BeReal and be done!

We believe this post was useful to you, and please return in the future for more articles about social technologies. Tell us what you feel about the information and don’t hesitate to share any positive comments you may have about this guide. Thank you!

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Q1. How to post on the BeReal app?

In the first step, open the app, and then, you need to take a photo within a time limit of 2 minutes. Now, wait for a while so that the image gets scanned properly, and then, you will get a preview. In the last step, hit the send button and you’re done!

Q2. Why I am not getting the notification from the BeReal app?

By the way, you get notifications on the Bereal app, but if you are not getting them, then maybe you should check your app permissions or try deleting the app cache.

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