June 15, 2024
Why Did Snapchat AI Post A Story

What’s Brewing: Why Did Snapchat AI Post A Story?

Every Snapchat user was stunned when My AI posted its first and only story on Snapchat and wondered why did Snapchat AI post a story on Snapchat. Well if you are one of them we are here at your rescue. This article can be helpful for your curious mind as it will tell the reality behind why did Snapchat AI post a story on Snapchat.

Well to everyone’s surprise Snapchat’s controversial My AI Chatbot posted its first and only story on Snapchat and deleted it after some time and this incident has evoked many speculations. As far as the sources confirm that it was a server outage. Even though the story remained posted for some time and My AI was not responding appropriately the issue was resolved by Snapchat in a jiffy. But the real question is what was the story posted by My AI and how everyone is reacting towards it? To know that read the section below.

Why Did Snapchat AI Post A Story?

Many Snapchat users woke up to see a story posted by a Snapchat chatbot and ever since everyone is scared as if they have seen their worst nightmare of AI taking over the world. Well worry not folks it was just a temporary outage faced by My AI and as usual team Snapchat has fixed it.
My AI was launched initially this year exclusively for Snapchat Plus users and later it was launched for everyone including standard Snapchat users and ever since it was the talk of the town. As AI has taken over the world and everyone is addicted and dependent on it, on the other hand, it comes with some people are scarred as AI has the potential to exploit any sensitive information. And one such incident where Snapchat’s famous My AI chatbot which is powered by chatGPT posted its first story on Snapchat. The story was nothing but a beige-colored blank video of the ceiling or it can be a wall. This was nothing but an outage which was fixed shortly.

We know it was kind of scary but relax guys it was a temporary glitch and even though many have asked My AI about the story but there was either no response from the chatbot or they ended up receiving a “Hey, I’m a bit busy at the moment. Can we catch up later?” message or the “Sorry, I encountered a technical issue from the bot, which was kind of confusing.

Without any doubt, this way is kind of historic in its own way, even though the story was a result of an outage but it was the first time an AI activity outstood humans as well. We know Snapchat is much more than just taking pictures, using it is a full-fledged experience but somewhere or the other our hearts took a dip when we saw that vague story posted by Snapchat’s My AI.

What Was In Snapchat’s My AI Story?

My AI’s story as described by the users was a vague and unclear picture of a beige wall or ceiling. Well even though the story posted by Snapchat was deleted in a very short time frame, many were able to get screenshots and screen recordings of the story. If you have missed out on watching the story of My AI don’t get dishearted we have found a perfect screen recording for you thanks to @ArcenioPizana.

Many tried to contact My Ai regarding the story as well. Fortunately, few were able to get some response and few were brutally ghosted by the chatbot. Nevertheless, the issue now had been resolved and we hope such Team Snapchat will not scare its users anymore. Even following this incident team, Snapchat announced that it was a temporary outage and the issue is now resolved. This brought a sigh of relief to many users who thought the chatbot is a free bird and this can potentially spill out the secrets they have shared so far with the Snapchat chatbot.

This incident also flooded other social media platforms like X which was formerly known as Twitter with many treading tweets. Many users found it spooky while many thought Snapchat servers have been hacked and this was the end of Snapchat. It’s quite funny to see such tweets in such bizarre situations you should take a look at the few tweets we have placed below.

Wrapping Up!

We hope by now you might know the real take behind why did Snapchat AI post a story on Snapchat. Seriously it was just an outage error and everyone was freaking out as if My AI will take over the world or real. Well, folks for this to happen we might have a few years left. Till then you can fully use the chatbot according to your convenience. Also in case you find anything interesting with My AI chatbot on Snapchat do share it with us in the comment section below.

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Q1. Why is AI posting on Snapchat?

My AI on Snapchat recently posted a story on Snapchat and the only reason behind it was a temporary outage. Even TeamSnapchat has confirmed that it was an outage and now the issue has been resolved.

Q2. Does Snapchat AI post stories?

As far as well know Snapchat’s My AI is not coded to post stories on Snapchat till now. Though we cannot deny that in the future there can be some changes in the entire working of the AI where one can see My AI stories on Snapchat we never know.

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