June 15, 2024
How to Make a List on Snapchat for Streaks

How To Make A List On Snapchat For Streaks? Full-Guide

Do you want to organize your Snapchat friends list to make it easier for you to maintain Snap streaks? Well, everyone is trying hard on Snapchat to handle their friend list and send streaks on the go. Not anymore, because in this Snapchat guide, we are going to discuss a way that will help you with, how to make a list on Snapchat for streaks. Making a list will help you manage your Snap streaks better and you will not break Snap streaks again and again. So, ensure to read this article till the end.

To make a list on Snapchat for snap streaks you have to open the Snapchat app>tap on the profile icon>go to the My Friends option>press and hold on a friend’s name>select the manage friendship option>tap on edit display name>add the later A at the initial>tap save and repeat the process to build your list.

How To Make A List On Snapchat For Streaks?

How To Make A List On Snapchat For Streaks?

Snapchat has various eye-catching features like a Snapchat spotlight that can help you to earn as well. There are various lenses and filters available that help you to make your photos and videos mesmerizing. You can share these snaps to maintain snap streaks with your friends.

Although Snapchat is quite a fun app to hang around with your friends at the same it is difficult to manage your friend list. Not anymore because you can make a list of your friends which makes it easier for you to arrange your friend list.

The “My Friends” option on Snapchat helps you to manage your friend list. Earlier you can access the My Friends list by swiping down the camera screen. With recent updates, Snapchat has moved this feature to your profile.

Step By Step Guide To Make A List On Snapchat 

How To Make A List On Snapchat For Streaks?

To know how you can manage your friend list on Snapchat through the My Friends list go through the step-by-step instructions given below:

Step 1: Firstly, head to the “Snapchat App” on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Then, tap on your “Avatar Icon” to open your Snapchat profile.

Step 3: Now, move down and tap on the “My Friends” option. Here you will see your friends.

How To Make A List On Snapchat For Streaks?

Step 4: Then, press and hold on to a “Friend’s Name”. A pop-up will appear on your screen.

Step 5: Now, select the option “Manage Friendship”.

Step 6: Then, tap on the option “Edit Display Name” and add the letter “A” at the beginning of your friend’s name.

Step 7: Now, hit the “Save” option and repeat the process until your “A Letter friend list” gets completed.

Note: Changing your friend’s name on the Snapchat app won’t make any difference in your contact’s name so feel free to change it.

Also, add the letter “Z” if you want certain people to be at the bottom of your friend’s list. Snapchat organizes your friend list alphabetically. Therefore, you can play with the alphabet to organize your friend list. You can choose the alphabet for your friend based on who you want to see up on the list and who you want to see at the bottom.

What Is A Snap Streak On Snapchat?

How To Make A List On Snapchat For Streaks?

Snap streak on Snapchat, is your snaps sharing and receiving activity count. When you share snaps for consecutive three days a fire icon will appear symbolizing that your snap streak has started. If you want to maintain a snap streak then you have to share snaps with each other within 24 hours. Maintaining snap streaks requires mutual efforts. If you maintain a streak for 100 consecutive days, a 100 icon will appear.

When an hourglass icon appears next to your friend’s name, it shows that you have to share a snap within 2-3 hours otherwise your snap streak ends. Recently Snapchat has also introduced the restore snap streak feature that allows you to restore one snap streak for free and after that, you have to pay 99 cents for each streak to restore.

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Wrapping Up!

To conclude, we are hoping that now you have learned how you can make a list on Snapchat. Snapchat is a fun platform where you can goof around with your friends by sharing snaps and maintaining streaks. If you are finding any difficulty in maintaining your friend list then make sure to use the above information to arrange it. If you have any questions regarding snap streak then make sure to drop your queries in the comment box below.

Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How long does the hourglass icon last on Snapchat?

Ans. The hourglass icon on Snapchat symbolizes that your streak is about to break. The hourglass icon on Snapchat usually lasts for 2-3 hours. You have to immediately send a streak once you see this icon otherwise you may lose your streak’s progress.

Q2. What does a yellow dot mean on Snapchat?

Ans. A yellow dot on Snapchat refers to the new notifications. The yellow dot appears to show new friend requests, story notifications, updates, etc. Once you check on these notifications it will disappear automatically.

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