June 15, 2024
How To Remove The Threads Badge On Instagram

How To Remove The Threads Badge on Instagram?

Instagram threads are taking the social media world by storm and if you have already enrolled for it their badges might appear in your Instagram bio. This can be nagging for many Instagram users which makes them wonder how to remove the threads badge on Instagram. Worry not this article will fully guide you through to know how to remove the threads badge on Instagram in a few easy steps.

To know how to remove the threads badge on Instagram open Instagram>go to your profile>Tap on the Thread Badge>Tap on “Hide Badge” option>hit the “Remove Badge” option. Keep in mind that once you hide the threads badge from your Instagram bio it can’t be undone. To know more about how to remove the threads badge on Instagram read the section below.

What Is Threads Badge On Instagram?

When you join the Instagram Threads app you are given a thread badge which ends up displaying on your Instagram profile’s bio automatically. This badge is somewhat in a form of a number with a thread logo as a prefix. For example @123754 etc. The number on the badge indicates your Joining number on the threads app. Tapping on the treads badge will redirect you to the thread account of the badge owner.

Instagram has labeled the badge as temporary which means it is not going to stay there for long. The core reason why Threads badges are displayed on Instagram profiles is to easily access the Instagram user’s threads account. It is also considered as a mere tactic to fetch more users for the threads app.

Whatever the reason this feature is somewhat annoying and fortunately one can remove the Instagram badges from their Instagram bio very easily. We have laid out all the steps to know how to remove the threads badge on Instagram in the section below.

How To Remove The Threads Badge On Instagram?

how to remove the threads badge on instagram

Follow up the steps in sequence to know how to get rid of the Threads badge on Instagram:

1. Open Instagram and tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Next tap on the “Thread badge” which is located in your Instagram profile just under your user name.

3. Hit the “Hide Badge” option from the pop-up menu.

Note: Remember as warned by Instagram if you hide your thread badge there is no possible way to bring it back as of now.

4. Tap on the “Remove Badge” option to confirm your action.

How Can You Unhide Threads Badge On Instagram?

Well, unfortunately, once you hide your threads badge from your Instagram bio you cannot unhide it. As of now these threads badges are temporary and will float on your Instagram bio once you’ve enrolled for the threads app.

Though you can easily hide the badge from your Instagram profile the task cannot be undone. But as the app is new and there are many more features coming up in the future there is a possibility that we can get an in-app option to unhide the Threads badge as well.

End Line.

We believe that by now you have learned how to remove the threads badge on Instagram. If you remove the Threads badge from your Instagram bio you cannot add it back. To remove the badge you have to tap on the badge on your Instagram profile and hit the hide badge option.

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Q1. How do you get the threads badge on your Instagram Bio?

To get the Threads badge on your Instagram bio you need to download the Threads app and sign up to link your Instagram account with the Threads account. The Instagram app and the Threads app are interrelated. Therefore the moment you sign up on Threads your Threads badge will appear on your Instagram profile bio by default.

Q2. Can you use the Threads app without Instagram?

No, you cannot use the Threads app if you do not have an active Instagram account. Because the Threads app is interrelated to Instagram and one needs to have an Instagram account to sign up for Threads.

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