June 19, 2024
How To Post On BeReal App? Does It Notify You To Post?

What Is BeReal App And How Does It Works In 2023?

If you are also a Snapchat user but are worried about its filters because it covers your natural beauty, then we have the very best option for you. So, let’s get started with our today’s article on what is BeReal app and how this BeReal application works. If you are unaware of this, then let us tell you that the BeReal app is a sibling of Snapchat.

Don’t understand, no problem! This guide will tell you the complete horoscope related to this app. Snapchat, which is a very popular social media platform, is known for its unique and creative filters. Its viral filters, snap scores, and themes are just a few of the many things that make it unique.

Where you are asking so much, you give us a small idea that what kind of application it is. BeReal is a new social network platform that seems to be becoming more and more popular among the Gen Z generation. It is a kind of non-filter but similar to the Snapchat app which makes it special in itself.

Wait, bro! To understand the further story, you have to read this whole article till the end, so that you all can know what is BeReal App” in very simple language!

“BeReal App” A New Social Era!

What Is BeReal App And How Does It Works?

If we talk personal experience, Snapchat’s filters are genuinely very good and according to each person and skin type, you will get to see those filters. It is not just for making selfies and short videos, you can also chat with your near ones and enjoy premium features like ghost trails and pin your #1bff in the chat section, etc. is the best.

And Team Snapchat is always on service to announce new filters here. But as some people are crazy about these filters, some people do not like filters. This BeReal application has been made for those people. Let’s know about Bereal and find the answer to what is BeReal app!

What Is BeReal App?

BeReal is a new social era for Gen Z, which has made its place in every generation group since 2020 and continues to make it. This application is without filters, which means you will not see any filters in it and it allows you to click photos with your natural beauty. We can get an idea why the name of this application is bereal because it tells you to be real. So why not everyone uses this application and steps into a filterless world? JUST “BE YOURSELF” MAN!

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How Does BeReal App Works?

What Is BeReal App And How Does It Works?

It is known what is BeReal app, but how can we use it? How does it work? So you all know! Like we choose our favorite filter on Snapchat and click and share our snaps with our friends so that our snap scores should maintain streaks and grow. Just like that, but in a different way, the BeReal application works.

You know that it is a filter-free application, but you may not know that it notifies you to take photos from both the front and back cameras at the same time. Of course, the BeReal application also notifies you like Snapchat but this application also notifies you about your BeReal [picture click].

As soon as you install this application on your device, this application will give you only and only 2 minutes to click your bereal picture. Whether you’re sitting in the washroom, working out, or putting on makeup for a date; 2 minutes means 2 minutes. So keep in mind that in the process of being real, your reality should not come in front of anyone. JK!

After the completion of 2 minutes, the application will automatically click pictures from both the front and back cameras. It is so correct, isn’t it, it is better to have two than one! And just like the rest of you normally share your snaps with friends on Snapchat, in the same way, you can also share your BeReal pictures with your BeReal friends.

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End Line!

We truly expect that with the help of this above-mentioned guide, you might be observed what is BeReal app and how does it works. So we have been telling you that this is a filterless or filter-free application that lets its users click their natural beauty photos and aims to let people understand to just “Be yourself”.

We believe this post was useful to you, and please return in the future for more articles about social technologies. Tell us what you feel about the information and don’t hesitate to share any positive comments you may have about this guide. Thank you!


Q1. When does BeReal send Notifications?

Like Snapchat, Bereal also notifies you whenever someone takes a screenshot of your conversation or your Bereal picture, but Bereal notifies you to click your own Bereal picture as well.

Q2. How many users does BeReal have till now?

For the time being, there is no limit to this because the demand and growth of this application are increasing day by day. But for your information, let us tell you that this application has successfully reached 54 million installations so far. So we can say that now there are about 54 million plus people who are enjoying this amazing application.

Q3. Does BeReal have the recap option?

Like other applications, BeReal also shows you a recap of your memories at the end of the year. But it does not mean that only once a year, they show you the recap of the month and the week as well.

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