June 15, 2024
How To Create Snapchat Filters

How To Create Snapchat Filters? Complete Guide With Steps

Snapchat is the best app for blending customisation and social networking as it provides various filters and stickers for its users. But what if your wish to create a snap filter on Snapchat? Well, in this article we will show you how to create Snapchat filters so without further ado let’s get started!

Snapchat filters are presented to its users to enhance and capture moments on the go which brings us to the question of how to create Snapchat filters. We can create a Snap filter in two ways one via the Snapchat app itself and another via the Snapchat web on the ‘Create Your Own Filter Page’. Both methods allow you to customise your Snapchat filter according to your wish we have elaborated all the methods in a sequence of steps in the section below so to know how to create Snapchat filters follow up on the article till the end.

How To Create Snapchat Filters 2023?

How To Create Snapchat Filters

As we know Snapchat allows its users to take snaps and customise them with Snapchat filters and stickers. One can also add Snapchat texts and or Cameo selfie stickers to their Snaps on Snapchat. But sometimes Snapchat filters can not be enough for a user and users wish to create their filters on Snapchat. Fortunately, it is possible to create your own Snapchat filter for personal or professional use, therefore we will show you how to create Snapchat filters on the app as well as on the PC but before that, you need to understand the types of filters you can create on Snapchat.

Note: Before we proceed ahead to show you how to create Snapchat filters you need to know what types of Snapchat filters you can create Snapchat.

1. Normal filter: As from the name you understand these filters are the inbuilt Snapchat filters that will allow you to pick your picture enhancement options or effects and can be changed regularly. Some examples are background-changing effects, face-changing effects, or voice modification filters for example: crying snapchat filters or animated filters, etc. You can use these filters for free from the Snapchat app itself to learn how to create Snapchat filters.

2. Geo filters: These types of Filters are ought to be created from scratch from Snapchat’s create your own filter page via pc. These filters require more skill and some work. When presented by the user, these filters need approval from the Snapchat team to launch it. Also, note that these filters are not free to create and are specifically knotted to a certain geographical location, and have a time limit as well.

How To Create Snapchat Filters? (Geo filters)

Firstly let’s understand how to create Snap filters via PC from scratch. The process of creating a geo filter on Snapchat can be quite tedious but trust us the product will be worth it! Follow the steps given below to create geo-filters on Snapchat:

Step 1. Open and visit Snapchat’s Create Your Own filter page on your computer’s web browser> Click on “learn more”

Step 2. Scroll down and Click ‘Create Now’ located under ‘Filters’.

Step 3. Next follow the steps to log in and log in to your Snapchat account if you wish to save your work.

How To Create Snapchat Filters


Step 4. From the drop-down menu select the type of filter you wish to create or you can upload an already existing file by tapping on the upload button.

Step 5. Now you can edit your filter with the various tools laid down by Snapchat. You can add text, colors, and elements.

  • Add text: You can type in the text and change its font, color, and shadow accordingly on your Snapchat filter.
  • Add color: Here you can choose a color theme to enhance and customise your Snapchat chat filter
  • Add element: Here you can add stickers and other elements you wish to add to your Snapchat filter.

Step 6. If you are done Click on ‘Next’ and then you can also preview your filter to check who it turned out.

Note: You can go back and redo some changes if you wish

Step 7. Next You need to select the Date and time for the filter and click Next.

How To Create Snapchat Filters
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Note: Your time period will decide how much the Snapchat filter will cost you.

Step 8. Set a fence to Choose the location where you want your filter to be available and hit next.

Note: The more area you’ll cover your Snapchat filter’s price will be increased

Step 9. Finally, you need to fill in your payment details and click Submit.

Step 10. Then just wait for the approval of your Snapchat filter by the Snapchat team.

That’s it this is how to create Snapchat filters or Snapchat geo-filters on PC.

Note: Once your Snapchat filter is approved it can be active within 24 hours or 30 days and the prices might fluctuate according to the area you’ve fenced and the timeline you’ve chosen for your Snapchat filter.

How To Create Snapchat Filters via Snapchat App? (Normal filter)

Wondering how to make your own filter on Snapchat for free? Well, the good news is you can customise and create Snapchat filters by making full use of already available Snapchat filters which has available customisation for effects, face structure, or voice modification. These filter surface on the Snapchat filter explore page regularly and are hence created by other Snapchat users. Unlike geo-filters, they are free of cost but can provide you with limited customisation. Follow the steps given below to know how to create Snapchat filters the Snapchat app.

How To Create Snapchat Filters

Step 1. Open Snapchat > Tap on the smiley icon to the right of the recording button.

Step 2. Scroll and select the filter that has customization available or else you can Go to the explore page to search for good customization filters

Step 3. Tap on the filter to use it and from there you can choose various effects for your pictures and videos available in that respective filter.

Step 4. Next, take a picture or a video by applying the filter and you are done.

That’s all you need to know about how to create Snapchat filters on PC and Snapchat apps.

End line

We hope by now you’ve learned how to create Snapchat filters and how you can make customised filters on Snapchat. There are two ways to do so one is by visiting Snapchat’s create your own filter page and making a Snapchat filter out from scratch the other is by using already available Snapchat filters which have inbuilt customization available for its users for free. We hope our article was helpful enough, Please leave us feedback in the comment box below and If you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

Thank You For Reading!


Q1. How to make your own filter on Snapchat for free?

You can create a Snapchat community filter on Snapchat free of cost but when it comes to geo-filter Snapchat might charge you around $5 to $20 per day to run a geo filter around a specific in.

Q2. What software is used to make Snapchat filters?

Well, one can create a community filter for a certain time limit which is free of cost, but in major cities Snapchat somehow charges a few dollars which is inexpensive to a certain extent ranging from $5 to $20 at per the location.

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