June 17, 2024
Is Snapchat My AI Creepy?

Is Snapchat My AI Creepy? 4 Things You Need To Know!

Skeptical about My AI and Wondering is Snapchat My AI creepy? But before we talk about that, Let me first introduce My AI to you all in case you still don’t know about it. An Open AI chatbot that has been introduced to us by Snapchat in the form of a virtual friend with whom we can talk and ask questions and recommendations.

Now let’s get back to the topic is Snapchat My AI creepy? Well If you would personally ask me, my answer would be Yes, I do find it a little creepy as I don’t find the need for it to be there in my Snapchat. Well, that was my opinion now let’s find out what others have to say about it.

Is Snapchat My AI Creepy? Checkout 4 Reason Below-

Last week we did a little survey to find out what are other people’s opinions on the newly launched My AI on Snapchat. Is Snapchat My AI creepy? or is it classy?

The first set of people we talk to were teenagers and they shared their opinion with us on My AI, the majority said that they found it a lot creepier than I think they would, and among them were two to three who said they don’t care if it is there or not

The second set of people were adults in their 20s and to my surprise, when we asked them Is Snapchat My AI creepy? or is it classy? They said that they found My AI very useful they also mentioned that they usually ask My AI for recommendations and replies about the message they want to send to someone, they even mentioned that they ask My AI for suggestions on movies and lunch and dinner dates.

The third set of people was in their 30s, the majority said, My AI is a good feature and they like to ask it for suggestions sometimes, But few of them found it creepy and few said it doesn’t bother them that much.

The fourth set of people was in their early 40s – I like chit-chatting with them about this newly launched feature. when I asked them the question – Is Snapchat My AI creepy? They have mixed views but the majority said that they don’t care about it!

Well, those were the respected views and opinions by our dearest public on the topic – Is Snapchat My AI creepy which I loved sharing with you all. Now you all let me know your thoughts on this same topic – Is Snapchat My AI creepy? and share your valuable opinion with us in the box “Leave us with a reply”

How Does Snapchat Use My AI?

Snapchat new feature “My AI” is on everyone’s tongue –  Let’s not decide in a good or in a bad way. But lately, everyone is been talking about it. Some people have been wondering especially teenagers how this My AI works which is trying to be their virtual friend, Well that is why I am here today to give you a brief description of My AI and how it works.

My AI is an artificial intelligence chatbot that has been recently introduced by Snapchat for its users to have a real-time experience of chatting with a virtual friend and getting recommendations and suggestions on any topic you share with it.

My AI uses artificial intelligence and is backed by Chat GPT also designed to provide detailed responses to prompts and is interact with users in a friendly manner.

Recently it has been caught up by many eyes that the My AI responses can sometimes become “wildly inappropriate,” regardless of the user’s age. This suggests that this technology may not be reliable in maintaining appropriate and safe user interactions.

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Wrapping up!

Snapchat‘s My AI for some is like a friend that helps you hone, while others think it to be creepy in their phone. Its responses sometimes can miss the mark and lead to dark information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Can “My AI” be trained to improve its responses over time on Snapchat?

Yes, Snapchat’s “My AI” feature can be trained to improve its responses with time. This My AI chatbot uses machine learning algorithms that help analyze user interactions and learn from them, enabling My AI to provide more accurate and relevant responses in the future. Having said that, It is also important for you all to note that no AI tool is perfect and there can always be a risk of inappropriate responses. You can always report My AI  responses on ‘customer support’ If you don’t like it.

Q2. Can “My AI” chat with users on Snapchat?

Yes, It does! it is designed only for this purpose to give its users a personalized chat experience with a chatbot. You can also change it with your preferred name and Bitmoji. Chat with this new feature available on your Snapchat and share your experience with us in the box below. Until then take care you all!

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