June 17, 2024
What Is Instagram Candid Stories Feature | Is That Similar To BeReal?

What Is Instagram Candid Stories Feature | Is That Similar To BeReal?

There are many people in the world who cannot live without Instagram, we can also call them social addicts. And for those social addicts, we have good news, Instagram has recently introduced the new Instagram Candid Stories feature to the whole world.

And believe it or not, on the other hand, making money from reels and with the help of viral trends or filters, as Instagram users have gone viral and have been liked a lot; In the same way, people will like this new feature. But before that, let us know what is this feature and what is its specialty, and how can we use it.

You must have heard about the BeReal application, whose slogan is Be Yourself, inspired by the same application, Instagram introduced this feature where you will get a notification to post candid stories. So let’s move on to today’s article and know what is this new Instagram candid stories feature and what are the other new features with which this candid feature has been introduced.

What Is Instagram Candid Stories Feature?

If we talk about all the social media platforms, then Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are among them; First of all, are extreme. It’s their social ways and features that make them all stand out from each other and yes, they do bring good features to each other, the most common being Filters and Reels [short videos lasting up to 30-60 seconds] or the freshly brewed Instagram notes. So let’s come to today’s article, what are these Instagram candid stories feature after all?

For the time being, let us say that this is not a new update or feature, but it may happen in the coming time. It is a kind of testing trails in which Instagram is getting influenced by the BeReal application. Just like the BeReal application notifies you for daily posting on BeReal, Instagram will notify you so that you don’t forget to add your Instagram candid stories.

Now everyone knows that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are all three meta, so can it happen that we will get to see the same feature or testing on the upcoming Facebook as well? Well, we can say that it will happen. Now it has to be seen what other testing or features are there that Instagram is going to announce officially soon.

What Is Instagram Candid Stories Feature | Is That Similar To BeReal?

If you have opened your own Instagram account and have gone to the DM section, then you must have seen the option of adding a note. Yes! They are also a new feature that has been recently introduced by Instagram. All you have to do is add a short message or note by writing, which should be a maximum of 60 characters long.

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Let’s talk about the last two features; Means Group Profile and Collaborative Collections, both of which are special in their own right. The feature of the group profile resembles some close friends stories, in this, you can share your story only with a selectively created group. This feature resembles Snapchat’s shared stories feature.

And the interesting thing is that apart from those selective people, no one else will see that story show and will not be able to watch it. You just have to click on the plus icon and you will find the group profile option in front of your screen.

What Is Instagram Candid Stories Feature | Is That Similar To BeReal?

Coming to collaborative collections, this new Instagram feature gives you the authority to share your saved posts with other groups and private conversations. All you have to do is share or forward a particular post from the feed or explore section to your friends in the Collaborative collection and open the deck and save it.

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Wrapping up!

We explained what the Instagram candid stories feature is in the guide mentioned above, so we are aware of its specific nature. It’s a kind of copy of the BeReal app, which will notify us to add Instagram candid stories to our accounts.

I hope this post was helpful to you, and be sure to check back for more topics regarding social technologies in the future. Please share your positive feedback about this guide and let us know what you think of the information. Thanks for reading!

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