June 15, 2024
How To Avoid An Instagram Shadowban

How To Avoid An Instagram Shadowban In 2023? | 7 Useful Tips

Is Instagram’s Shadowban real? And if yes how can you avoid shadow ban on Instagram? Though Instagram has not officially accepted the presence of a shadow ban the bitter truth is you can get Shadowbanned on Instagram if you violate their guidelines. In this article, we will discuss how to avoid an Instagram shadowban.

There are in total seven precautions you must take to avoid getting shadowbanned on Instagram. To know how to avoid an Instagram shadowban you must religiously follow Instagram community policies and guidelines, and avoid using banned or inappropriate hashtags on your Instagram posts. Alternatively, you must avoid using third-party apps to gain fake followers or increase your Instagram engagement and avoid acting like an automated bot Follow up on the article below to know more about what is Instagram shadowban and how to avoid an Instagram shadowban.

What Is An Instagram Shadowban?

Before you understand how to avoid an Instagram shadowban it is important to know what is an Instagram shadowban and how it works. Similar to other social media platforms even the Instagram team shadowbans your Instagram account which is entirely based on the type of content you post on Instagram. If you violate Instagram’s privacy policy by using inappropriate hashtags or posting sensitive content then the chances of you getting shadow banned on Instagram are high.

If you get shadow ban on Instagram your Instagram content will be restricted and hidden from other Instagram users. Your posts will not be shown as relatively less visible on other users’ Instagram feeds hashtag results, explore page, etc unless they are your follower. There are many reasons why you can get shadowbanned on Instagram. To know how to avoid an Instagram shadowban follow up on the section given below.

How To Avoid An Instagram Shadowban? 7 Precautions

Follow up on the precautions given below to know how to avoid an Instagram shadowban.

1. Try not to violate Instagram’s community policies and Terms of use

Instagram is very strict when it comes to its privacy policies and community guidelines. This is why it is important to follow their guidelines and try not to violate them. This includes not posting any content promoting violence, discrimination, or sexual harassment. For a brand page, the company needs to possess a copyright and valid permission for everything you post.

2. Avoid Using Banned Hashtags

There are many inappropriate hashtags on Instagram that have been banned and using those hashtags can slow down your Instagram reach. It is important to check what hashtag you are using on your Instagram post to know how to avoid an Instagram shadowban. These hashtags include #pushups #Snapchat #mileycyrus etc.

3. Be an active user and stay consistent with your content

If you don’t want your Instagram to reach too slow or drop consistency is the key. Instagram loves and appreciates users who are active and posting comments and stories can increase your Instagram engagement. This can avoid you to get shadow banned on Instagram.

4. Mention and apply content warnings for sensitive information and content

Any news or post which shows a piece of sensitive information or a violent news event can be misunderstood by Instagram as a breach of guidelines. So it is recommended to use the content warning and blur out the picture which is violent or sensitive information. This is an exceptional case if you want to raise awareness and keep in mind that you have to give out valid reasons and purposes to post and share.

5. Never use third-party apps to buy followers on Instagram

Using a third-party app to buy followers on Instagram can get you a shadow ban on Instagram. To know how to avoid an Instagram shadowban you must avoid using any unreliable source or app to increase your Instagram engagement and buy followers or paid likes on posts.

6. Avoid actions like an automated bot

We all know that an automated bot can like, share and comment on Instagram posts for you. If you will use a bot or act like an automated bot like liking too many posts at a time, commenting a lot, spamming, and sending too many friend requests then there are chances that you might get shadow banned. So to know how to avoid an Instagram shadowban we recommend you be candid and real and try to like and comment on Posts manually.

7. Be Authentic

Last but not least is to be authentic on Instagram. Instagram appreciates its users if they are authentic and unique. Try to be kind to other users on Instagram posts and comments and also in your DMs. If you will be kind enough around others it will always resonate and shine back at you.

Reasons Behind Why Does Instagram Shadowban?

There can be many reasons why Instagram shadow bans. Shadowbanning on Instagram is not an official event but many users have experienced it now and then. It allows Instagram to refine inauthentic accounts that violate the community policies and guidelines laid down by the Instagram team. When Instagram shadow bans you they will strategically hide and restrict your content and account to reach out to other Instagram users as a result your Instagram engagement will drop rapidly. Though the concept of shadowbanning has not been officially accepted by Instagram in the year 2019 team Instagram posted on their Facebook business page about the reasons why their users are facing these problems.

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End Line

We hope by now you know what is an Instagram shadow ban and how to avoid an Instagram shadowban. To avoid an Instagram shadow ban we recommend you not use banned and irrelevant hashtags, alternatively try to follow community guidelines properly and avoid using Third-party apps to gain followers and like.


Q1. How do I know if I’m shadowbanned on Instagram?

If you see a rapid decrease in your Instagram engagement and reach it means that there are chances that you’ve been shadow banned on Instagram. Alternatively, you will have a drop in the non-follower reach as your content will only be visible to those who follow you. Other active followers might complain about not being able to view your posts and stories or reels.

Q2. How long does an Instagram shadowban last?

Well, according to some users, it takes about 2-3 weeks to end the shadowban on Instagram. If you fix your posts and remove all the inappropriate hashtags it might get fixed within a week or less.

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