June 15, 2024
How To Link Instagram Threads To Your Instagram Account

How To Link Instagram Threads To Your Instagram Account?

Instagram Threads app is topping the charts ever since its launch and millions of users have joined the app. Threads is a good way to enhance reachability therefore many users wish to link their threads account with their Instagram account. Well in this article we will show how to link Threads to your Instagram account in a few easy steps.

To know how to link Instagram Threads to your Instagram account go to app/play store>download “Threads” app>tap on your Instagram profile displayed which will automatically link your Instagram account with your Threads account. Remember that you just need an active Instagram account to create a Threads account.  Other than this you can also add Threads badge or profile link to your Instagram bio. We have explained all the ways in the section below.

How to Link Instagram Threads to Your Instagram Account?

How To Link Instagram Threads To Your Instagram Account

In order to link your threads account with your Instagram you need to keep your Instagram account logged in on your device. By doing so Threads app will by default display your Instagram account suggestion on the Threads app. Still confused? Follow up the steps given below to know how to do so:

NOTE: Ensure you have an Instagram account logged in on the Instagram app on your device.

1. Open App Store or Play Store on your iOS or Android device respectively.

2. Search for “Threads” in the search bar and tap on “Get” to download on your device.

3. Once downloaded open the Threads app>tap on the Instagram account you wish to link with your Threads app.

4. As the Threads account is interrelated with your Instagram account this will automatically link both accounts together whenever you create a Threads account without doing anything.

How To Add Threads Badge To Your Instagram Account?

We appreciate Meta for allocating Threads badges to each Thrreads account which is displayed in the Instagram bio of the person. One can just tap on the Threads badge and it will redirect them to your Threads account which is great to increase the reach. These Badges are temporary and one can remove them very easily but on the downside, you cannot unhide them. If in case badge is not displayed on your Instagram profile another way is to copy and paste the URL of threads account on the Instagram bio. This can be done by following the steps below:

How To Add Thread Account Link To Your Instagram Account?

Follow up on the steps to know how to add your threads profile link to your Instagram profile.

1. Open the Threads app on your device and open your profile page.

2. Tap on the “Share Profile” option located below the profile picture.

3. Cope the provided link and exit the app.

4. Now open the Instagram app>go to your Instagram profile.

5. Tap on the “Edit Profile” option>tap on the “Add Link” option.

6. Tap on the “Add External Link” option>paste the copied link in the “URL” section.

7. Add title as per your wish>Hit the “Done” button on the top to save changes.

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End Line.

We hope by now you know how can you link your Threads account with your Instagram account. To do so you just need to tap and choose the Instagram account during your signup on the Threads app. Usually, a Thread badge is displayed on the Instagram bio by default which will connect both the accounts on the go, and if it is not present you can either way add an external link of your Threads account to your bio.


Q1. How do you add a thread badge on Instagram?

To add a thread badge on Instagram you need to create a thread account and it will display the Thread badge on your Instagram bio automatically.

Q2. How do you unhide a thread badge on Instagram?

If you have hidden the thread badge from your Instagram bio there is no way or option right now to unhide it. But you can add your link to the thread account to your Instagram bio which is the same thing.

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