June 17, 2024

Is Instagram Down Or Not Working? Track Outage Here!

Is your Instagram not working properly so you are here searching is Instagram down or not working?

Many Instagrammers users have recently reported that their Instagram app is not working properly.

They are quite annoyed with the inconvenience caused. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry.

In this Instagram guide, we are going to help you track down the outage issue faced by Instagram.

Make sure to thoroughly read this article until the very end.

Yes, Instagram is down today in US and Europe today and is not working properly due to the server outage issue.

Is Instagram Down Or Not Working?

Is Instagram Down Or Not Working? Track Outage

If you are wondering about is Instagram down or not working then let me tell you, Yes, there is an outage in the Instagram server.

Most US people have been reporting the outage in the Instagram server.

They have been facing many bugs and glitches while using the Instagram app.

Many users are locked out of their main page and they are not able to access it.

Even some users are getting a blank page while opening the Instagram app.

Instagram is not down globally but in the USA and some parts of Europe are facing the Instagram down issue.

Most people are facing Instagram crashing issues while accessing their accounts through the Instagram app.

The outage issue is most prominent in the Instagram app and it keeps crashing while logging in.

You can use Instagram through the official webpage of Instagram until the issue gets resolved.

Instagram Outage Updates In Past Few Days

Is Instagram Down Or Not Working? Track Outage

We have listed out all the Instagram server updates in the past few days that will help you to track down the Instagram outage.

Update 1 {3rd of July; 8:29} A service outage was reported by the Instagrammers.

Update 2 {4th of July; 8:18} The service outage from yesterday still affected many users.

Update 3 {5th of July; 12:32} The outage issue got fixed.

Update 4 {6th of July; 13:30} A new outage issue was reported by some users.

Update 5 {7th of July; 13:30} Outage issue again start affecting areas like Italy and Turkey.

Update 6 {10th of July; 9:31} A new server outage issue comes up.

Update 7 {11th of July; 12:00} The Instagram jammed and stops working out for some users.

Update 8 {12th of July; 12:00} The Instagram server is down and it is still not working for some users.

Update 9 {13th of July; 16:39} Instagram server is working properly.

Update 10 {14th of July; 11:06} The Instagram server is down again and is not working for some users.

Update 11 {17th of July; 16:52} The Instagram users are still facing periodic stopping in the server.

Update 12 {18th of July; 08:16} Instagram continues to not working issue for some users.

Update 13 {19th of July; 08:31} A new platform outage issue has come across.

Update 14 {20th of July; 9:37} It’s been hours since the Instagram server is down.

Update 15 {20th of July; 13:58} A new error has appeared.

How To Track The Outage Of Instagram?

You can track the outage of Instagram using some third-party apps like Twitter and Downdetector.

You can download the Downdetector app from the Google play store or App Store to get the latest updates on Instagram outages.

On Downdetector you can check the live outage map which will highlight the area where there is an outage.

If there is an outage of Instagram the graph shows a sudden spike indicating the outage on Downdetector.

You can thoroughly visit the Twitter app and check if there are too many recent tweets regarding the issue.

If there are so many recent tweets related to the issue then wait for a while for a while to fix it.

Wrapping Up!

By the end of the discussion, we are genuinely hoping that you have got all the necessary information regarding whether is Instagram down or not working. Instagram is a very popular platform in today’s world and facing any issue related to it is quite annoying. So, make sure to use the above-provided information to track down its outage.

If you still face any issue regarding Instagram or you have any query related to the Instagram server outage then do let us know in the comment box below. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Why is Instagram crashing?

Ans. If your Instagram app keeps crashing it’s because the Instagram server is down or you haven’t updated your app in a while. Update your system software, update the Instagram app, access Instagram through the webpage or wait for some time to fix the issue from the back end.

Q2. Why i am unable to refresh my feed on Instagram?

Ans. Instagram requires an internet connection to run. So, if you are using a weak or unstable internet connection then you may face issues while refreshing your feed. Fix your internet connection to fix this issue.

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