June 20, 2024
How To Turn Off Auto-Captions On Facebook App On iPhone

How To Turn Off Auto-Captions On Facebook App On iPhone?

Are you fed up with auto-captions on Facebook? If yes, my article on how to turn off auto-captions on the Facebook app on iPhone can help you to know how to disable it. Turning it off can result in uninterrupted services on Facebook.

Auto captions can be confusing, write captions on your videos according to your choice. However, to achieve this you have to make changes in your settings. I will share some simple steps that can help you learn how to turn off auto-captions on Facebook app on iPhone. Visit Your Device Settings>Scroll Down To Accessibility>Select Subtitles And Captioning> Click On The Closed Caption And SDH Option. Finally, you can save changes on your iPhone. If you are still confused refer to the step guide given below.

How To Turn Off Auto-Captions On Facebook App On iPhone

Disabling auto-captions on Facebook gets neglected, because we don’t pay attention to captions, we just simply move to the videos. Another reason for neglecting captions could be knowledge. You are unaware of how to turn off auto-captions on the Facebook app on iPhone in just a few simple steps given below.

how to turn off auto caption on Facebook app on iphone

Step 1: To begin you have to make a visit to the “Settings App” of your “iOS” phone.

Step 2: Now scroll down and click on “Accessibility” on your phone.

Step 3: After that select “Subtitles And Captioning” present on screen.

Step 4: Finally you can now “Tap” on the option “Closed Caption” and “SDH Option” on your phone.

Note: Above mention guidelines are for iPhone users only.

How To Turn On Auto Captions On Facebook On iPhone?

Within the app, you can not change settings for the auto caption but if you are an iPhone user, then under mentioned steps can guide you to turn on the auto caption mode in your phone.

Step 1: Open your iPhone and click on the “Setting Apps” on the phone.

Step 2: Then click on the “Accessibility” in settings.

Step 3: Now you can move to the “Subtitles And Captioning” option on your phone.

Step 4: Finally you can tap “Closed Captions & SDH” hence click to save changes.

Why Are Facebook Captions Important?

Captions can be very important for so many reasons, some of which I am mentioning below.

  • Captions describe your post.
  • captions can make your video more attractive, that’s why we try to share eye-catching captions.
  • It can also provide knowledge on the behavior of characters role in the video.

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Wrapping Up 

Facebook is a great social media platform. It is developing day by day with more interesting features. some features that Facebook does not provide us but gives us to access through other means. How to turn off auto-captions on Facebook app on iPhone can be done through the external settings on your iPhone. I have clearly described the idea that can surely help you acquire knowledge to disable the caption settings. If you have any questions or queries you can simply reach us in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I disable auto caption on our Facebook? 

Ans. Absolutely yes, you can disable auto caption mode on your Facebook only if you are an iPhone user. For this open settings>select accessibility>tap on the subtitles and captioning>then click on the closed captions and SDH. Now you can save the changes. These steps can be used to turn on the auto caption mode as well.

Q2. Can I turn off the auto caption on the desktop?

Ans. Yes, you can turn off the auto caption on the desktop. You can achieve it by following simple steps Visit Facebook>click on the settings>tap on general settings on your page>select edit next to auto-generated subtitles and captions> then you can save it and change the settings.

Q3. Can I Turn Off Auto Captions On Facebook Videos?

Ans. You can turn off auto-captions on Facebook videos. As if now Facebook doesn’t claim a feature that can disable auto-captions on Facebook video. But it is possible by changing settings in your phone’s settings app. I have cleared the steps above.

Q4.What Are The Automatically Generated Captions on Facebook?

Ans. When you post a video on Facebook, the caption generates automatically. These captions can be designed according to your content and audio. Neither it can be useful nor confusing for you. Hence you can disable it if it is bothering you.

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