June 19, 2024
How To Fix Sorry Something Went Wrong On Threads?

How To Fix “Sorry Something Went Wrong” On Threads? (9 Ways)

Instagram Threads is now gradually becoming everyone’s go-to app for micro texting as the shift from Twitter. But recently many users are facing login and server errors on the Threads app which are quite annoying. One such error commonly faced by Threads users is “Sorry something went wrong Try again.” If you have the same issue and wonder how to fix sorry something went wrong on Threads error this article will guide you through!

If you tried to log in to your Threads account and the “Sorry, something went wrong. Try again,” message pops up on your screen it is because of many reasons like server issue or faulty internet connection. So to fix sorry something went wrong on Threads error try to reset network settings, reboot your device, reinstall the app, look for updates, make your you have a stable internet connection, etc. Largely it is due to server issues but these methods can help you to fix sorry something that went wrong on Threads quickly.

Why Are My Instagram Threads Not Working?

Before we know about the various ways to fix the error it is important to know the core reason behind it. So the error usually pops up while you try to log into the threads account and says “Sorry, something went wrong. Try again.” There can be many potential reasons if you are facing this error listed below:

  • Unstable Internet Connection
  • Threads Server Might Be Down
  • Outdated App
  • Incompatible Device

How To Fix Sorry Something Went Wrong On Threads?

To fix the “Sorry, something went wrong. Try again,” the error follow up the enlisted methods.

1. Reset Network Settings.

This issue can be due to network issues or inapt network settings. So first things first reset your device network settings to fix the issue. Follow up the steps given below to know how to do so:

For iOS Devices:

Open the settings app on your device>general>Reset>select Reset Network Settings>type in the passcode>and confirm your action.

For Android Devices:

Open the settings app on your Android device>tap on Connection & sharing option>Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth>tap on the Reset Settings option>type in your pin code to confirm your action.

Once you’ve reset the network settings connect a stable internet connection before your try to log in to your Threads account.

2. Verify Your Internet Connection.

Usually, an unable or faulty internet connection can end up creating a connection error on the app. For this to be fixed check your internet connection and switch to a better one. Try switching from mobile data to wifi or wifi to mobile data.

3. Check If the Threads Server Is Working Properly.

Threads app has a huge user base and sometimes the server goes down and end up causing such issues and error. So make sure that the app’s service is working properly and you can do this by visiting Downdetector Type in “Threads” and see if the server is working properly or not. If not make sure to wait until it get back on track!

4. Restart Your Device.

If the servers are working properly we recommend you restart/reboot your device and then try to log in again and see if the issue is gone or not.

5. Clear Threads Excessive Cached Data/ Reinstall Threads.

Excessive cached data stored by any app can cause ample trouble and to fix sorry something that went wrong on Threads you must clear excessive cached data of the app from your device. For Android users, this can be done by uninstalling then reinstalling the app again or you can just:

Open settings>go to Apps>App Management>tap and select “Threads”>”Storage”>tap on the “Clear cache” option and you are done.

For iOS users you need to uninstall the app and reinstall it again to clear Threads Cached data.

6. Try Using Another Device To Log In To Your Device.

Another reason for getting “Sorry, something went wrong. Try again,” on Threads can be an incompatible device selection. In such case try using another device to log in to your Threads account and check for yourself if the issue is resolved or not.

7. Update Threads.

An outdated Threads app can be the major reason why you are seeing the “Sorry, something went wrong. Try again,” error on Threads therefore go to the App Store or Play Store>type in “Threads” in the search bar>look for updates>tap on “Update” button.

8. Wait For a While Until The Glitch Is Resolved.

The error itself somehow wants you to try again later and it can be because of the app’s server issue or a bug or a glitch. Therefore it is advised you stay patient throughout and try logging in to your Threads account after some time as the temporary issue gets resolved automatically.

9. Contact Instagram Help Center.

How To Fix Sorry Something Went Wrong On Threads

If nothing works well for you, your last resort is to contact Instagram support by visiting https://help.instagram.com/ and submitting your request to resolve the issue.

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End Line.

We hope by now you know how to fix sorry something went wrong on Threads on Instagram. This can be fixed by resetting the network settings and verifying your internet connection and the Threads server. Or you can directly contact the Instagram help center to resolve the issue.


Q1. Why does Instagram DMS say sorry something went wrong?

If you face this issue it can be due to a faulty Instagram server. As far as we know such an issue can be fixed between 1 hour to 24 hours.

Q2. How long does the error message last on Threads?

The error message usually last until the Threads server gets back on track and this usually takes up to a few hours or an entire day. Other than this it can be due to faulty internet settings and connection you can reset your network settings on your device and switch to a better stable internet connection to fix the error message on Threads.

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