June 20, 2024
How To Download Snapchat Stories

How To Download Snapchat Stories? 4 Failproof Ways

Snapchat is a one-stop platform to make friends and share your day-to-day life with them via Snapchat stories or streaks. But as the app is very sensitive about its user’s privacy, it doesn’t have any in-app option to download Snapchat stories posted by your friends. But what if you came across an interesting story, you want to download? And now you find yourself searching for how to download Snapchat stories. Relax! as this article will tell you some of the most failproof ways by which you can download Snapchat stories.

We know you can save your own Snapchat story but when it comes to downloading some other user’s Snapchat story it becomes a task. So to know how to download Snapchat stories you can take assistance from some third-party apps made specifically for that, otherwise you can screen record/screenshot the story. If you think it’s too much work you can ask your fellow friend to send you the story he/she has posted. We have listed down all the steps for the formerly mentioned methods in the section below. So continue reading.

How To Download Snapchat Stories?

We love Snapchat but the inability to download public stories can be really bugging. But just like every problem has a way out, this one also does. Firstly let’s break it to you Snapchat has no in-app option where you can download Snapchat stories be it public or private. You can take assistance from any third-party app specifically made for this purpose. Other than this you can screenshot the story and if it’s a video you can just simply screen-record it. The only drawback to this is that the other person will be notified by Snapchat when you will take a screenshot or screen record on Snapchat. Nevertheless, something is better than nothing so follow up on the sub-sections below to know how to download Snapchat stories on Snapchat.

1. By Using Third-Party Apps

How To Download Snapchat Stories

There are multiple apps available in the App Store or the play store that allow you to save Snapchat stories and one can even download Snapchat spotlights as well. They all work and are coded in their own way, therefore to make it easy for you we have hand-picked some of the best third-party apps to save Snapchat stories and listed them below:

For Android:

1. SnapSaver

2. Private Screenshots

3. SnapSave

4. Save Story

5. Casper

For iOS:

1. SnapSaver

2. SnapCrack


2. By Screenshotting The Story

How To Download Snapchat Stories

If you want to download the photo posted as a story then the best way this to take a screenshot of the Snapchat story. It is one of the most obvious and simplest ways to download a story. You just have to keep in mind that the other person will get to know that you have taken a Screenshot of their story. If you want to screenshot on Snapchat story without them knowing this you can try turning on the flight mode and then taking a screenshot. Following that clear Snapchat’s cached data and then you can simply turn off the flight/airplane mode. Even though it is a hit-and-trial method but it has worked well for few people as of now.

To take a screenshot of a Snapchat story you have to open the story> and press the volume up {iOS} Volume down {Android} and the power button simultaneously to take a screenshot on your device.

Note: The other person will know that you screenshotted their story on Snapchat.

3. By Screen Recording The Story

How To Download Snapchat Stories

Just like taking a screenshot, you can also screen record a Snapchat story and this method works perfectly if you want to save a video from a Snapchat story. Both iOS and Android devices have inbuilt screen recorders. You can start recording the Snapchat story by turning it on and once done you can turn it off.

Note: Also note that the other person will get to know that you have saved their Snapchat story but they will be unable to differentiate if it is a screenshot or a recording so I believe that’s a win.

4. By Asking Them To Send You The Story Personally

How To Download Snapchat Stories

If you are close friends with the person and wish not to indulge yourself in such extensive hard work you can simply ask the other person to send you the Snapchat story you are meaning to save or download. If they are generous and kind enough I believe they will surely send you the story on Snapchat. Following that you can just simply save the story to your camera roll. To know how the download the story to your camera roll you need to:

Tap and hold the story (Video/photo) sent by your friend>hit the “Save to Camera roll” option and you are done.

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End Line!

So all in all these were some of the most ethical ways one can execute to know how to download Snapchat stories. You can do so by taking help from a third-party app or by screenshotting/screen recording the app. If you think there are some other ways on Snapchat by which one can download stories kindly comment down below.

Thank You For Reading!

End Line

Q1. Can I download someone’s Snapchat story?

Well as of now there is no in-app option available on Snapchat where you can download someone else’s story on Snapchat. But you can try out some alternative methods to save it. Like screenshotting the story or screen recording the story. You can also take help from other third-party apps to save it on your device.

Q2. How to Save a Private or Shared Story on Snapchat?

To save a private or shared story on Snapchat you need to open Snapchat>go to your profile page>tap on the story to expand and view it> and tap on the “Save” icon to save it to your device.

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