June 20, 2024
Why Is Snapchat Deleting Accounts

Why Is Snapchat Deleting Accounts? Fully Explained Here

If your Snapchat account automatically gets deleted then it will surely come to your mind why is Snapchat deleting accounts? Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps that comes up with many new bugs and glitches each and every day. And one such error is Snapchat account got deleted automatically. Many users have complained that when they try to launch their Snapchat app they are asked to log in and when they enter their credentials it is showing user not found.

Not being able to access your Snapchat account is quite annoying but what’s more annoying is not knowing the reason why is Snapchat deleting accounts. But don’t worry because we have come up with a list of possible reasons which lead to your Snapchat account deletion. So, without any further ado let’s begin with the conversation.

If you are also curious to know why is Snapchat deleting accounts then it’s probably because you are using some third-party apps, your account is not verified, you are using automated tools, you are using more than two accounts, you are posting explicit content, etc. To know more keep on perusing this article until the end.

Why Is Snapchat Deleting Accounts?

Why Is Snapchat Deleting Accounts?

If your Snapchat account gets deleted then, it’s probably because you have violated Snapchat’s terms and conditions resulting in your account deactivation or permanent deletion. So, here is the list of some of the possible reasons for your query regarding why is Snapchat deleting accounts.

1. Your Snapchat Account Is Linked To Third-Party Apps.

Not all third-party apps are authorized on Snapchat. There are many apps that Snapchat has prohibited. So, if you are using any such kind of app thee are chances that Snapchat deactivates your account but if you don’t stop using unauthorized third-party apps on Snapchat then this can also lead to your Snapchat account deletion and be a major reason why is Snapchat deleting accounts.

2. Your Snapchat Account Seems To Be A Hoax.

If Snapchat interprets your account as a fake one or it seems that you are using someone else’s identity then there are chances that your Snapchat account gets deleted. As identity theft is a heinous crime and you may have to face the consequences of it. As it may cause reputational damage to the victim.

3. You Haven’t Verified Your Snapchat Account.

Another reason why is Snapchat deleting accounts is that you haven’t verified your email and phone number on your account. Unverified accounts are often interpreted as anonymous and fake accounts so that’s why is Snapchat deleting accounts.

4. You Are Using Automated Tools On Your Snapchat Account.

If you are using any kind of bots or automated tools on your Snapchat account may delete your account. Snapchat doesn’t support automated tools as they are providing human interaction to their users which can be the reason behind why is Snapchat deleting accounts

5. You Have Violated Snapchat’s Copyright.

If you are using someone’s content on your Snapchat account then this is Snapchat copyright infringement and Snapchat deletes accounts that violate the Snapchat copyright policy. One should respect the patent of other users as well.

6. You Are Using More Than Two Snapchat Accounts On Your Device.

If you have more than two Snapchat accounts and you keep juggling between them on the same devices then this can also lead to Snapchat account deletion. Snapchat only allows you to have two accounts at a time so if you have more than that then try accessing them through another device.

7. You Are Either Sending Or Posting Malevolent Content On Snapchat.

Another reason why is Snapchat deleting accounts is that you are posting malevolent content on your Snapchat account. If you are posting or sending malware links to Snapchat users then it is a serious offense and your Snapchat account may get deleted immediately.

8. You Are Trying To Alter Snapchat Features And Services.

Altering Snapchat features and services for whatever reason is prohibited. So, if you are found to be indulging in any such kind of activity then this can become a reason why is Snapchat deleting accounts.

9. You Are Posting Explicit Content On Snapchat.

Posting explicit content on Snapchat is a serious offense and no one should indulge in any such activity even if you are posting it on on Snapchat profile. Posting content that includes se*ual activity may lead to your Snapchat account deletion.

10. You Are Posting Violent Content.

The next reason on the list why Snapchat is deleting accounts is posting violent content. If you are posting content containing violent graphics which is encouraging or provoke violence then your Snapchat account may gets deleted.

11. You Are Engaging In Hate Speech.

Spreading hate is a serious offense and Snapchat doesn’t allow its users to indulge in any kind of hate speech or to discriminate. So if Snapchat found you indulging in any such kind of activity then they may delete your Snapchat account.

12. You Are Posting Content Related To Illegal Activities.

If you are wondering why is Snapchat deleting accounts then it’s probably because you are posting content related to illegal activities like drugs, terrorism, or spreading any kind of misinformation, etc. So, avoid indulging in such kinds of activities.

13. Your Account Has Been Hacked By Someone.

Snapchat is known to be popular for many cyber frauds and your account might get deleted if it’s been hacked. As hackers send spam and harassing messages to your Snapchat friends which Snapchat interprets as offensive and resulting in your account deletion.

14. You Are Harassing Or Bullying Someone.

If you are found to be sending harassing or bullying messages to someone on Snapchat, this can also become a reason why Snapchat is deleting accounts.

How To Fix If Your Snapchat Account Gets Deleted?

At first, Snapchat deactivates your account for 30 days. Your account is disabled and your friends won’t be able to send messages, or able to interact with you on your Snapchat account. After the completion of 30 days, Snapchat completely deletes your chats, friends, groups, and every data. So, if you want to get your Snapchat account back you need to contact Snapchat customer support within a timeframe of 30 days. Otherwise, it gets so late and you won’t be able to get your account back.

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Wrapping Up!

Getting your Snapchat account deleted is the worst nightmare someone would ever think of. So above I have mentioned all the possible reasons why is Snapchat deleting accounts. In case, if your account is safe then keep the above-mentioned points in your head so that you won’t get in trouble. Thank you for reading this!

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Is it possible that Snapchat deletes my account?

Ans. Yes, absolutely! Snapchat can delete or deactivate your account if you have violated any of its terms and policies or you have posted any content that violates the Snapchat community guidelines.

Q2. What happens when Snapchat deletes your account?

Ans. If Snapchat has deleted your account then it’s probably because you have done something wrong. When Snapchat deletes an account it gets deactivated for 30 days and after that, it gets permanently deleted.

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