June 17, 2024
Why Does Snapchat Say Time Sensitive

Why Does Snapchat Say Time Sensitive? Explained

Recently Snapchat is reaching its height by launching various engaging features for its users and be it My AI or Snapchat Spotlight but many iOS and iPhone users are confused about the time sensitive notification on Snapchat on their device and wonder why does Snapchat say time sensitive on iPhone and want to turn them off. In this piece of writing, we will tell you why does Snapchat say time sensitive on iPhone and how to turn them off. First, the question is why does Snapchat say time sensitive on iPhone?

Well time sensitive notification is a fresh feature by iOS devices that shows up important notifications that is your priority even if the focus mode is on, and if Snapchat say time sensitive it is because your Snapchat notifications are enabled for time sensitive notifications, which will tend to pop up as a priority. But the fact that nobody knows how the algorithm works are annoying everyone right now. But wait! there is much more to why does Snapchat say time sensitive and we have explained in the section below.

What Are Time Sensitive Notifications On iPhone?

Before we know why does Snapchat say time sensitive tells first understand what are time sensitive notifications on iPhone. To keep it precise time sensitive notification feature was rolled out with iOS15 in the year 2021 which allows users to get top priority notifications even when the focus mode is turned on, these notifications can be a message from an important person or an app as well.

Not only that the time sensitive notification tends to block off non-important notifications and stays on your screen for about 1 hour even if you’ve read the notification. But it seems like the Snapchat app is not going well along with the iOS feature and popping up non-important Snapchat notifications.

Why Does Snapchat Say Time Sensitive?

Snapchat is one of the leading social media platforms as of now and it allows you to customise your notification sounds and much more. Recently many users are annoyed with the time sensitive notifications popping up on their iPhone which compels them to ask why does Snapchat say time sensitive. Well to be honest nobody know the algorithm working behind the time sensitive Snapchat notifications many users are getting notifications of their least prior Snapchat friend, which is why many address this issue as a Snapchat glitch as well.

Twitter is flooded with Snapchat time sensitive notification tweets which confirms that many users are frustrated with how can the app decide which notification is important for them or not. But if you want to get rid of these non-priority notifications the process is quite simple. You just have to turn off Snapchat’s time sensitive notifications from the settings app. For this, we have enlisted all the steps to know how to turn off time sensitive notifications on Snapchat.

How To Turn Off Time Sensitive Notifications Snapchat?

Now that you know why does Snapchat say time sensitive and you still find these random notification point less you are simply turn them off. Follow the steps given below to know how to turn off Time sensitive notifications on Snapchat:

Step 1: Open the “Setting” app on your iPhone or any other iOS device.

Step 2: Scroll and find “Snapchat” and tap on it to open it.

Step 3: Tap on the “Notifications” option>toggle off the “Time Senstive” notification option and you are done.

End Line

We believe by now you know the reason why does Snapchat say time sensitive and how can you turn it off. Snapchat’s Time-sensitive notifications for iPhone and other iOS devices tend to pop top-priority notifications even if the focus mode, but this can be annoying for a few users, but the good news is you can easily disable time-sensitive notifications on Snapchat via the settings app on your iOS device.


Q1. What happens if you turn off time sensitive notifications on Snapchat?

If you turn off time sensitive notifications for Snapchat on your iPhone it will no longer take Snapchat notifications as a priority notification and shut it down when you have enabled focus mode. It is important to note that you will still get Snapchat notifications but only when the focus mode is turned off.

Q2. How Do I Enable Time-Sensitive Notifications On Snapchat?

To enable time-sensitive notifications on Snapchat go to setting app>scroll and find Snapchat and tap on it>tap on “Notifications” option>toggle on “Time sensitive” notification to turn it on for Snapchat.

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