June 17, 2024

What Is Instagram Roll Call? And How To Turn Off?

Instagram has launched a new roll call feature for groups which left many users wondering about what is Instagram roll call.

Do you also feel surprised to see the Instagram new feature? Well, we surely did.

Once in a while, Instagram comes up with a new feature that left out mouths wide open in awe.

So, in this Instagram guide, we are going to discuss one such feature of Instagram and that is roll call.

Make sure to read this article until the end so that you know what the roll call feature is and how you can turn it off on Instagram.

An Instagram roll call is a new feature that when initiated sends a message to all the group members to submit a video or photo of theirs. The roll call feature will help you to see what your friends are up to.

What Is Instagram Roll Call?

What Is Instagram Roll Call? How To Turn Off?

Instagram is loved by millions of users because of its outstanding features that are being launched every now and then.

Instagram has recently launched the Threads app, a new app that is specifically launched for open conversations.

These top-notch features of the Instagram app keep users hooked to the app.

Instagram has recently launched a new feature called roll call that is designed for group chats.

You can initiate a roll call in the group to start a chat and everyone in the group will have to share a picture or video of themselves.

It is a great feature to keep an eye on what your friends are up to. This feature closely resembles the BeReal app.

If you are a BeReal user then you can relate to this feature.

The roll call feature will give you five minutes times to upload your video or picture which many users are finding annoying.

This feature left many users to find ways that will help them to turn off this feature.

Nevertheless, we have found a way out. Just move to the next section to see how you can turn off the roll feature on Instagram.

How To Turn Off Instagram Roll Call?

What Is Instagram Roll Call? How To Turn Off?

Now that you know what is Instagram roll call feature let’s quickly look over how you can turn off this feature.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a direct option to turn off this roll call in a group.

So, you have to try some workaround ways that can help.

To make it easy for you we have curated a list of ways that will help you to turn off Instagram roll call from a group chat.

So make sure to read it thoroughly and try out these ways.

1. Stop The Roll Call.

If you are the one who has started the roll call then you can cancel it.

If you have initiated a roll call and now you have changed your mind then stop it immediately.

If no one has joined the roll call once you have started it then you can cancel it.

The message of the roll call will also get deleted from the chats.

You have to be quick to take action before anyone can join.

2. Leave The Group.

The other way to turn off a roll call on Instagram is by leaving the group. This is an easy way to ignore a roll call.

As roll call on Instagram is a group-based feature so you can easily cut it off by leaving the group.

Before leaving the group chat keep in mind that you are also cutting off on other group messages and by this we mean all the group chats.

If you find this way suitable for you then go ahead and try out this and if it is not then move to the next one.

3. Block The Person Who Has Started The Roll Call.

If there is a specific person in the group who starts the roll call then you can block them to stop getting roll call messages.

If you are fine blocking that person then go ahead and tap on the block option.

Blocking them will also block them from your profile so keep that in mind before clicking on the block option.

Wrapping Up!

By the end of the discussion, we are genuinely hoping that you have got all the required information regarding what is Instagram roll call feature. We have also mentioned a few ways that will help you to turn off this feature. Instagram roll call feature is similar to the BeReal app but the only difference is roll call is only available in group chats.

If you still have doubts regarding the new roll call feature then do let us know in the comment box below. We will surely assist you! Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to have secret conversations on Instagram?

Ans. You can have secret conversations on Instagram by starting an end-to-end encryption chat. To start an end-to-end encryption chat on Instagram you have to tap on the edit option in your inbox>toggle next to end-to-end encryption>select a person and start your secret conversation.

Q2. Why is the Meta roll call feature not working?

Ans. If the meta roll call feature is not working it’s probably because it is not launched in your area, your network connection is not up to the mark, or you haven’t updated your Instagram app. As the roll call feature is launched recently so an outdated version of the app can be the reason why you are unable to use this feature.

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