June 15, 2024
What is Inquire Button on Instagram DMs

What Is Inquire Button On Instagram DMs | New Feature

Instagram comes up with new features now and then and sometimes, features pop up on our screen with surprise. Similar to this many users have recently reported that they are seeing an inquire button on their Instagram DMs. This is making them curious about what is Inquire button on Instagram DMs. If you are trapped in the same query we can help you out. In this blog, we will discuss what is Inquire button on Instagram DMs in detail.

The Inquire button on Instagram is a fresh feature on Instagram and somewhat related to Instagram’s other new feature known as appointment. The inquire button will allow us to send an inquiry request to the business accounts to look for appointments from the business page. Similar to the appointment feature the inquire button is still not available to all. On the other side, those who have access to the feature are quite confused and struggling to know the real take behind it. We explained all about what is inquiry button on Instagram DMs in the section below so continue reading to know the insights.

What Is Inquire Button On Instagram DMs?

As mentioned above the Inquire feature is new on Instagram and many still do not have access to it. In simple words, the button will allow one to send Inquiry requests to business profiles with ease. Moving on as far as we know the inquiry feature is exclusively for the business profile. One can find it somewhat alongside the view profile button. The feature seems to be associated with Instagram’s appointment feature which allows business profiles to manage their customers on Instagram effortlessly. The feature is available for only limited Instagram users and by this, we can assume the feature is on a trial basis for now.

With the feature randomly popping up on Instagram, many users have flooded Reddit with their remarks and questions as well. Users wrote:

“When I opened the DMs it showed me two buttons on top. ‘Inquire’ and ‘View Profile’. What’s the inquire button for?”

“A few hours ago, I was having a conversation with a friend on IG, and suddenly these two buttons appeared on the top of our DM window”.

Similarly, even X users had flooded the platform with the tweets:

What Does The Inquire Button Do?

What is Inquire Button on Instagram DMs

Though there is limited knowledge available for now, by the screenshots shared by Reddit users we can get a few crucial insights. The inquiry feature will allow you to send inquiry requests to the business profiles. By tapping on the Inquire button it will direct you to fill in the time and date as preferred. This will send an Inquiry request to the business account in their Direct message in that instance.

This feature is quite like Instagram’s message request feature. However, for now, the status of availability is quite unclear as it is available for only limited Instagram users. But for now, we are quite sure that the feature can be really beneficial for both business accounts as well as their customers on Instagram.

How Does The Inquire Button Work On Instagram?

Well now that you know what is Inquire button on Instagram is, you must be wondering how the Inquire button works on Instagram. Well from the source we have concluded that the feature is associated with Instgarm’s appointment feature. Meta has not confirmed anything regarding the Inquire button officially. However, for the appointment feature, Meta rolled out a statement saying:

“With Appointments on Instagram, businesses can book and manage customer appointments directly on Instagram.” They further added that “The tool provides a way to convert a conversation with a customer into an appointment.”

As Meta has not given out any statement regarding the option we can say that the option is in a testing phase. Therefore the Inquire button is exclusively available for business profiles on Instagram and you can find this button placed beside the view profile option in blue.

You just need to tap on the button choose the date and time and send them the inquiry request. By doing so this will you can see “Your inquiry is pending,” in the inbox until they accept your inquiry request.

Wrapping Up!

We hope by now you have an idea regarding what is Inquire button on Instagram. The feature is fresh and very limited knowledge is available for now. Once the feature is rolled out and officially announced by Instagram we will keep you updated. Till then if you have other queries please feel free to reach us via the comment box given below.

Thank You For Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the DM button on Instagram?

Instagram’s DM button is located at the top right corner of the screen in the app. The DM button enlists all your chats with other Instagram users. It is a messaging feature exclusive to Instagram that allows one to text, share reels, send photos, and videos, and even call other Instagram users.

Q2. Why Inquire button is not working on my Instagram?

Well, the inquire button on Instagram is a new feature for business profiles and is on a trial basis. Therefore the feature is not yet for everyone and is not officially announced but Meta. There are chances that if you update your Instagram you can get the inquire button instantly. Otherwise, we recommend you to wait until the feature is available for all.

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