June 15, 2024

What Does “in a group with me” Mean on Snapchat?

Going through your Snapchat requests and saw “in a group with you” under it and wondered what does “in a group with me” mean on Snapchat.

So what does “in a group with me” mean on Snapchat? Well whenever you see a suggestion on Snapchat or a request which says “In a group with you” under it, it means that you share a group with a person on Snapchat but the person is not your Snapchat friend. We, know these Snapchat slangs can be confusing therefore go through the section below to know what does “in a group with me” mean on Snapchat in detail.

What Does “in a group with me” Mean on Snapchat?

There are many types of Snapchat groups private or be it public but without any doubt Snapchat groups are always fun and have the potential to make new friends on Snapchat. But what happens when you add someone via Snapchat group? Well in such a case the person will be notified with “In a group with you” under your friend request and the same goes for you when someone adds you from a mutual Snapchat group.

We know friend requests on Snapchat usually comes with the sources from where the person has added you like “By Mention” “From Quick Add” etc similarly one of the rarest sources can be “In a group with you” which might confuse many users. Usually, when we create a group we tend to add all our known together and there is a chance a few of them might not know each other and end up requesting from the group chat list in such a situation Snapchat usually mentions “in a group with you” under it.

To put it in simple words it means that the person who has requested to be friends with you on Snapchat is a member of a Snapchat group where you are also a participant.

Other Ways To Add Friends On Snapchat?

Now that you know the meaning of “In a group with you” let’s know about the other different ways by which you can make friends on Snapchat.

1. From the Quick Add Section.

When you add someone from the quick add section your request will be notified as “Added from Quck Add” under it. The quick add section is on the “Add Friends” page on Snapchat.

2. Snapchat Code.

Snapchat code also known as snap code is a unique code for every user and is one of the most convenient ways to add someone on Snapchat if they are with you in person, you just have to scan as your friend for their snapcode> scan it to add them as your Snapchat friend and you are done.

3. Via Contacts.

If you have synced your contacts on Snapchat then you can easily have access to add people on Snapchat who are in your phone book or contacts. this shows “Add By Contacts” under it.

4. By Story Mention.

When someone tags you in a Snapchat story and their fellow Snapchat friends add you on Snapchat through the story mention it is notified as “By Mention” under the friend request.

5. By Username.

The most traditional way to add someone on Snapchat is by searching for their username and adding them as your friend. When you add someone on Snapchat via their username it notifies the friend request as “Add by Username” under it.

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End Line.

We hope by now you know what does “in a group with me” mean on Snapchat and what are the other ways to add someone on Snapchat. When you see “In a group with you” under a friend request on Snapchat it means that the person and you share a mutual Snapchat group on Snapchat they have added you via the group participant list.


Q1. Can you see who viewed your Snap in a group?

Yes, you can see who saw your snap in s group for this you just have to tap and hold on to the snap and check who has seen or read it by now.

Q2. Do people know if you mute a group on Snapchat?

No Snapchat does not notify anyone whenever you mute a group on Snapchat. We know Snapchat groups can be too noisy and if you want to mute it and nobody will be notified and it is the most subtle way to get rid of the group for a while.

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