June 20, 2024
What Are Snapchat Crystals?

What Are Snapchat Crystals? How To Earn & Cash Out?

Everyone enjoys using Snapchat as the platform allows one to send snaps, and maintain Snapchat streaks, and one can even earn money on Snapchat by being a Snapstar. Talking about Snapchat and money do you know you can earn crystals via Snapchat Spotlight which can be further redeemed into actual money? If you are not well acquainted with what are Snapchat crystals we are here for the rescue. In this article, we will discuss what are Snapchat crystals in detail so continue reading till the end.

We know Snapchat has a Spotlight section where one can post/watch vertical videos. This concept is someone similar to Instagram reels and TikTok. With regard to that if you are engaged in monetary activities on Snapchat, then posting Spotlight videos can get you Snapchat crystals. Basically, Snapchat crystals are like virtual reward points one gets by posting spotlight videos or creating Snapchat filters. This is directly proportional to your spotlight’s or filter’s performance on the platform. Additionally, your Snapchat subscribers can also send you Snapchat gifts/tokens that are converted into crystals. Though the concept is not new still many users are unable to get a hold of it and wondering what are Snapchat crystals. So to simplify it for you we have elaborated the entire concept in detail only for you in the section below.

What Are Snapchat Crystals?

What Are Snapchat Crystals?

As explained above Snapchat crystals are virtual money used by Snapchat which can be converted into real money. One can only receive crystals if they are eligible for payment-related activities on the platform. For every 10 Snapchat crystals one gets $1 or we can say each Snapchat crystal is worth 10 cents. As it is well known Snapchat is a great platform to earn money but many are unknown to the technicalities involved in it. Snapchat crystals are one such element that allows one to efficiently convert rewards or tokens earned via Snapchat into real money.

Your Snapchat crystals are resonated in the “My Snap Crystal” section on your profile page. Also, Snapchat tends to send out a push notification as well whenever you receive a crystal. On the downside, it is worth noting that one cannot redeem these crystals for real money until you have a minimum of $100 worth of crystals collected in the My Snap Crystal section. Moreover, it takes up to 14 days for the crystals to resonate in your My Snap Crystals section after team Snapchat sends them. There are a few primary methods to earn crystals on Snapchat i.e. Snapchat spotlight and Tokens or gifts received from your Snapchat subscribers and even by creating Snapchat filters. If you are curious to know how this works read the section below.

Ways To Earn Snapchat Crystals?

By now we have dissed what are Snapchat crystals but we are sure this has compelled you to think about where we can get or earn Snapchat crystals. Well, there are many methods to earn Snapchat crystals but it is essential to know that one can only receive this virtual money if they are eligible as well as involved in the payment-related activities in Snapchat or we can say they are eligible for Snapchat monetization. Moving ahead, primarily you can get Snapchat crystals via Snapchat Spotlight and Snapchat gifts received from other Snapchat subscribers. Let’s talk about them in detail separately:

How To Earn Snapchat Crystal Via Snapchat Spotlight?

What Are Snapchat Crystals?

We believe Snapchat Spotlight is one of the most engaging features of Snapchat after Snapchat streaks and if you are into creating short one-minute vertical videos then this is the place for you. Snapchat spotlight holds the utmost potential for you to earn Snapchat crystals. Just make sure that you are posting an engaging spotlight on Snapchat that can grab views, shares, and comments. The more your spotlight does well on the platform the more likely you are to receive Snapchat crystals. Therefore you need to pick and post a video wisely so that you can earn as many crystals as you can. Creating a Snapchat spotlight is quite easy, you can also take references from other’s spotlights to find out what kind of content is loved by the videos also make sure your video is up to a minimum of 6 Seconds otherwise you cannot post on Snapchat.

How To Earn Snapchat Crystal Via Snapchat Filter?

We know Snapchat is a hub for realistic filters and Snapchat also rewards the creators who create public Snapchat filters. Therefore if you are into creating Snapchat filters you can easily create Snapchat filters which can also allow to to earn crystals on Snapchat. The more your filter is used by other Snapchat users the more likely you are to earn Snapchat crystals.

How To Earn Snapchat Crystal Via Snapchat Gifts?

What Are Snapchat Crystals?

Being a Snapstar has its own perks, other than staying connected with our subscribers, we can even receive Snapchat gifts from them. These Snapchat gifts are purchased by the subscribers via Snapchat tokens. These gifts are somewhat like Snapchat stickers one can send to their favorite Snapchat stars. But the cherry on top is that these are converted by Snapchat into crystals which as you know can be further redeemed for real money and can be directly transferred into your linked bank account. However, not all gifts have the same value. The larger the gift the more it will be in value in terms of crystals. All crystals will be resonated in your My Snap Crystal section on the My Profile page of Snapchat.

Where Can I See My Snapchat Crystals?

You can find your Snapchat crystals on your Snapchat profile page in the My Snap Crystal section. Follow the steps given below to learn how to find Snapchat Crystal:

Step1. Open Snapchat>tap on the bitmoji icon at the top left corner of the screen.

Step 2. Scroll down and you can find the “My Snap Crystals” section and tap on it.

Step 3. This will lead you to “My Snap Crystal Tab” where you see “All Crystal activity”. As well as you can learn more ways to earn crystals.

How Do I Cash Out My Crystals Award?

If you are new to all of the Snapchat monetization things and do not know how to cash out the Crystal reward follow the steps given below.

Note: If this is first time that you are received a Snapchat crystal Snapchat will send you a notification and email as well. You need to enroll abnd enter in you registered and authentic name adress and even bank details. We advice you to enter this carefully as it cannot be changed.

Step 1. Open the Snapchat profile page>scroll and tap on the “My Snap Crystal” section. This will lead you to the Crystal Hub.

Note: You can only cash out if you have crystals worth more than $100 (Minimum).

Step 2. There you can see your available crystals in the “All Activity” section> Tap on the “Cash Out” button by doing so you will initiate the payout process instantly. Every 10 Crystal is worth 1 USD.

Note: If the status displays pending it means the amount will be available in 14 days or less, This is because it takes 14 days for Snapchat to resonate the crystals earned into your account.

End Line

We hope by now you know what exactly are Snapchat crystals and how they work. Snapchat has great potential if you are looking to earn money. Snapchat pays you money in the form of Snapchat crystal which you can cash out later whenever you need. By posting Snapchat spotlight, creating public Snapchat filters, and even receiving Snapchat gifts from subscribers one can earn crystals. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out in the comment section below.

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Q1. Can you earn money from Snapchat Spotlight?

Yes, one can earn money by posting Snapchat spotlights. This money is credited as Snapchat crystals into the crystal hub which is located on the Snapchat My profile page. These crystals can be converted into real money and transferred into the linked bank account of the user.

Q2. Can we earn money from Snapchat streak?

Well unfortunately Snapchat does not reward any money or crystal for maintaining streaks. On the contrary, you need to pay Snapchat if you want to restore one of your broken streaks again.

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