June 15, 2024
How to Write Long Paragraphs on Snapchat

How to Write Long Paragraphs on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a one-stop platform to express thoughts and emotions via Snapchat stories or streaks as well. But in the downfall Snapchat only allows you to add up to 80 characters per Snapchat story which can restrict users to write a full-fledged paragraph. With that, many wish to know how to write long paragraphs on Snapchat. Relax! In this article, we will be telling you all about how you can write long paragraphs on Snapchat.

As we are restricted to only 80 character limit on Snapchat this can be a major bummer for people who wish to write large texts on Snapchat. But there are a few workarounds you can employ to write a long paragraph on Snapchat. For this you need to copy the blank spaces from a text editor app>next paste it on your Snapchat story>edit it accordingly>and hit the “Next” button. If you are still confused follow up the section below to know how to write long paragraphs on Snapchat.

How to Write Long Paragraphs on Snapchat?

How to Write Long Paragraphs on Snapchat

Whether you are an iOS user or an Android user you can easily write a long text or paragraph on Snapchat. The task can be a bit complex but if you are desperate enough to write down a long paragraph on Snapchat you can do that by following the step guide given in the section below.

How to Write Long Paragraphs on Snapchat on iPhone?

1. On your iOS device open the “Notes App” or any other text editing app.

2. Type in spaces by tapping on the “Enter” button multiple times.

3. Next select and copy the blank text spaces in the clipboard.

Note: Make sure you have precisely created the amount of space you want as afterward Snapchat will not allow you to hit the “Return” button.

4. Now launch the Snapchat app>create a photo or video or pick one from the camera roll.

5. Tap on the screen or “T” icon and paste the copies spaces.

6. Following that you will get an empty space that’s highlighted in the text box.

Tip: If you wish to move to another line just tap on the line and the curse will be switched there.

7. Write and edit your text accordingly> then hit the “Next” button to share it as a snap.

Note: Kindly note that Snapchat doesn’t prove any back or return button so make sure your space pasted is precise. If you do so you will lose everything you’ve written so far and you’ll have to restart the process of copy-pasting.

How to Write Long Paragraphs on Snapchat On Android?

Similar to iOS users android users can switch to any text editing app on their device or if not they can download one from the Play Store. eg: Google Keep. Follow up the steps given in sequence to know how to write long paragraphs on Snapchat:

1. On your Android device open any text editing app of your choice.

2. Tap on the enter button or return button multiple times to get a blank text.

Note: Make sure to create an appropriate amount of blank spaces as Snapchat will not allow you to return afterward.

3. Now select and copy the blank spaces.

4. Open Snapchat>tap Snapchat and hit the “T” icon in the editing toolbar.

5. Tap and paste the blank text> Now type in the desired text with as many letters as you can.

End Line.

We hope by now you are fully aware of how to write a long paragraph on Snapchat. Snapchat has a restricted word limit and to overcome this you have to use the Notes App or any other text editor app. Type in a few spaces by pressing the enter button and copy it. Paste the copies spaces in Snapchat and from there you can easily type in a text on Snapchat easily. If you have any other questions regarding this feel free to as us out in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!


Q1. What is the max word count on Snapchat?

The maximum word initially was 31 characters but now it has been increased to 80 character limit for a Snapchat post.

Q2. Can I increase the font on Snapchat?

Yes you can increase the text font size on Snapchat for this you just have to take a snap>type in the text>pinch in or out to resize your text accordingly and you are done.

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