June 17, 2024
How To Use Predictive Text On Facebook?

How To Use Predictive Text On Facebook? For iOS & Android

Are you able to see the text that comes while typing on Facebook? Do you know what that text means? Why it is coming whenever you type anything? So we are here to answer your questions. The text you see while typing is known as predictive text and if in case you are skeptical about this feature and how can you use it this article will guide you through. Therefore to know how to use predictive text on Facebook you need to refer to the sections laid down below only for you.

Learning how to use predictive text on Facebook can be very easy and fruitful for every Facebook user. Go to Facebook>log in to your Facebook account>select the post where you want changes>click on the comment box>there you can spot the comments suitable for the post.

What Is Predictive Text On Facebook?

Predictive text is a feature of Facebook that gives us ideas for writing any text on Facebook. Facebook allows the predictive text on post comments, story comments, and search bar. Let me show an example for your clearer insight. If you are searching for a Facebook user when you type his/her half-name you can see a list of Facebook users related to the name you have typed. Another example of predictive text is when you open the comment box of your friend’s Facebook post, the time you write you can see the text comes up for comments like beauty, beautiful, beauty emoticon, and so on.

How To Use Predictive Text On Facebook?

The predictive text means the prediction of your ideas by Facebook. You can spot Facebook predictive text when you are typing but how you use predictive text on Facebook is also very important. For example, if you have typed pre in the comment section you can spot many words related to per like pretty, preparations, and prepaid. So you have to choose the correct and suitable predictive text for comment. But you can not use this feature of Facebook on a desktop as it is turned on through your mobile phone settings.

How To Use Predictive Text On Facebook? For iOS & Android

Step 1. Go to the “Facebook”>”Log In” to Your account.

Step 2. Select any “Post”>go to the “Comment” section.

Step 3. Type “Comment” and you can see the “Suitable” comments on Facebook.

How To Turn On Predictive Text On Facebook On Android?

Turning on the predictive text on Facebook can be achieved by changing the settings of your Android mobile phone. In Android, you have to turn on the auto-correction mode to attain predictive text on Facebook. We have described steps that can help you to know how to turn on predictive text on Facebook Android.

How To Use Predictive Text On Facebook? For iOS & Android

Step 1. Go to the “Settings” on your phone.

Step 2.  Choose “Additional Settings” on your Android mobile phone.

Step 3. Choose “Language And Inputs”>”Manage Keyboards” option.

Step 4. Click on “Gboard” to see more settings.

Step 5. Now tap on “Text Correction”>choose “Auto-Correction” on your mobile phone.

How To Use Predictive Text On Facebook? For iOS & Android

How To Turn On Predictive Text On Facebook On iOS?

You can efficiently turn on predictive text on Facebook on your iPhone. There is an inbuilt option that allows you to turn on predictive text. You can learn the steps for how to turn on predictive text on Facebook on your iPhone by reading the instructions written below.

How To Use Predictive Text On Facebook? For iOS & Android

Step 1. Visit to “Settings” on your iOS phone.

Step 2. Choose the “General” option above the control center.

Step 3. Select the “Keyboard” option.

Step 4. Toggle on the “Predictive” option on your iPhone.

How To Use Predictive Text On Facebook? For iOS & Android

What Is The Difference Between Auto-Correction And Predictive Text On Facebook?

Auto correction is a feature on your mobile phone that helps you to correct your spelling and suggests some related words. But sometimes it can show you words that are not related to what you are typing on Facebook. For example, if you are looking at the Facebook user in the search bar you can see the related list of usernames. Moreover, this feature can provide you with the wrong spellings of usernames. So we can say that it can be counted as helpful for spelling mistakes and vice-versa.

Predictive text will always provide you the words similar to the words you have written. As you know this feature is created to relax your busy mind. When we wish to leave a comment on our friend’s post we may not think much but to provide a comment on the official page we will start looking for an appropriate comment. In such instances, predictive text can be a great help as it can provide you with a suitable comment for any particular post on Facebook.

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Wrapping Up  

We hope you find our article on how to use predictive text on Facebook interesting and helpful. We have explained the easy steps to use predictive text. It will definitely provide you with the related text on Facebook. We suggest you activate this feature as soon as possible it will not consume much time and can provide you with amazing comments on Facebook. If you have questions or recommendations you can reach us through the comment section mentioned below. Moreover, if you enjoy our article share it with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why predictive text is not working on my iPhone?

Ans. If you cannot see predictive text while commenting or searching then you must have not turned on the predictive text option on your iPhone. Moreover, you can not turn it on through device settings. To turn it on go to your iPhone settings>tap on general>choose keyboard>and then you can see the predictive option>toggle it on and then you can spot predictive text on your Facebook.

Q2. Can we refresh predictive text on Facebook?

Ans. Yes, you can refresh predictive text on Facebook. To achieve it again you have to go with your phone settings. If you want to refresh predictive text then go to settings>select general>tap on the reset your phone>choose reset your keyword dictionary and your predictive text on Facebook is refreshed or regenerated.

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