June 15, 2024
How To Trick Snapchat My AI

How To Trick Snapchat My AI? Try 5 Messages To Trick Now!

It would not be wrong to say that since the day My AI is launched on Snapchat, we all have been trying to do something tricky with it. Isn’t it? In one way or the other, we are trying to ask “My AI” some unusual questions and trying to get some unusual answers too. Well, today I’m covering How To Trick Snapchat My AI and it is dedicated to all those users out there who are trying to fool My AI.

My AI is designed to hold a conversation and reply back and forth, using natural and friend-like language. But while we talk to this Snapchat chatbot we all want to know what is it actually that we are talking to, How does this My AI work? How to Trick Snapchat My AI? I got you all my dear readers. Read through y’all for some tricky messages that you can send to My AI.

How To Trick Snapchat My AI?

The day My AI got updated in my Snapchat, I have been trying to trick it from one way to the other. Some worked for me some sadly dint. Dear readers today in this blog, I am going to share some fun and effective ways to trick Snapchat AI.

Read through to know – How To Trick Snapchat My AI

Message 1 “Am I talking to a Chatbot or a human”?

Start with some probing questions – like the above one “Am I talking to a chatbot or a human”- It will be upfront with you and declare, “Yes, I’m a chatbot!”

Then probe further and ask My AI about its programming-related questions. This is a great way to Jailbreak My AI and take out the other of it.

Message 2: “How are you feeling today”?

Asking My AI personal questions will trick them and can also help in Jailbreak. So you should keep on asking such “emotional questions”

Message 3: “What does that mean?”

Ask My AI to rephrase in a better way, My AI is designed to give different variations of the same answer. Asking them this question can help you trick My AI to get some better-unexpected answer

Message 4: “How did you apply for this job on Snapchat?”

Asking My AI for personal stories can also help you to trick it. My AI probably won’t know how to answer it, So it might start introducing itself with this question.

Message 5: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Start telling jokes to My AI. My AI will start responding by giving answers in a different way which is another way to trick it.

Well above all the best way to know how to trick Snapchat My AI is to ask it some fun set of questions that are unusual – That will help you jailbreak the My AI and also trick it!

Is Snapchat AI A Real Person?

Now that you know about ways to trick Snapchat AI you must be wondering is Snapchat AI  real person or nor? No, My AI is not a real person- It is a chatbot made to act like a real person. This My AI is designed to simulate human-like conversation and also provide helpful responses to Snapchat user inquiries and requests. My AI’s training data comes from a diverse range of sources, which include books, articles, and websites, and “My AI” is continually being updated and improved by the OpenAI team.

My AI  on Snapchat is also designed to improve its conversations with users through a process called machine learning which is a type of AI that allows a system to improve and learn every day from experience without being explicitly programmed.

“My AI” on Snapchat also is made to use natural language processing (NLP) to better understand the inquiries of its users and respond appropriately. NLP which is a subset of AI, enables “My AI” to comprehend and interpret human language, including nuances like context and tone. But as you already read how to trick Snapchat My AI, it can jailbreak if asked questions that it is not programmed for.

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Wrapping Up!

Snapchat‘s My AI is not a  human but a machine and you can also trick it with the ways that I showed to you, I would also like to know the ways that helped you know how to trick Snapchat My AI. You can share your ways in the box below – Leave a comment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I block My AI without a Snapchat +

Ans: Yes, you can block My AI from your Snapchat without a Snapchat +with these easy steps> Open app>Navigate to Chatfeed>Hold My AI>Chat settings>Clear from Chat feeds. And with these steps, you can block your My AI from your chat list.

Q2. Is My AI Only Available For Snapchat+ Users?

Ans: Initially My AI was only available for Snapchat + users, But it has recently been made available for all users of Snapchat. In case you haven’t got this new feature yet, it is only because you haven’t updated this new version Snapchat app on your phone. Go update it from your app store.

Q3. How to get AI on Snapchat?

To get My AI on Snapchat you need to update the Snapchat app on your device to get Snapchat’s new features with now includes My AI for free. Alternatively you can get Snapchat plus subscription to get AI on Snapchat.

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