June 17, 2024
How To File A Purchase Protection Claim On Facebook?

How To File A Purchase Protection Claim On Facebook?

Are you worried because you have ordered stuff from the Facebook marketplace and it has not yet been delivered? Or the product you received is broken? Worry not because we will share a feature of Facebook that can help you to claim purchase protection. We guarantee you that after reading our article on how to file a purchase protection claim on Facebook will relax you moreover, it can enhance or strengthen the trust between you and Facebook.

To know how to file a purchase protection claim on Facebook you need to open Facebook>log in to your account>go to the three horizontal lines>tap on the help and support option placed above the logout option>choose help center>type you issue purchase protection>and as a result the Facebook team will provide you the best options. To know more about it in detail follow up the step guide we have mentioned below.

How To File A Purchase Protection Claim On Facebook?

If you are one of those who shops through the Facebook marketplace then you should definitely know how to file a purchase protection claim on Facebook. Because It helps the seller to know whether you are satisfied with the purchase or not. However, if you received a broken or wrong product then you can also claim for refund easily. So let’s read to know other benefits as well as the step guide to achieve it.

How To File A Purchase Protection Claim On Facebook?

Step 1. Use “Facebook”>”Log In” to your account.

Step 2. Go to the “Three Horizontal Lines” present below the message option.

Step 3. Scroll down and click “Help & Support” above the log-out option.

Step 4. Tap on the “Help Center” option.

Step 5. Type your issue in “Search Bar” which says how can we help you?

How To File A Purchase Protection Claim On Facebook On Desktop?

We care about our Facebook users who use Facebook on desktops. So underwritten step guide is for Facebook desktop users. As we all know Facebook runs more smoothly on desktops due to which many users prefer using Facebook on desktops.

How To File A Purchase Protection Claim On Facebook?

Step 1. Use “Facebook” in “Browser”>”Log In” to your account.

Step 2. Tap on your “Profile Picture” present on the right side of the screen.

Step 3. Click on the “Help & Support” option.

Step 4. Choose “Help Center” to ask for help.

Step 5.  Then type your problem in the “Search Bar” and you can get the best solutions there.

How To File A Purchase Protection Claim To Seller On Facebook?

Suppose you placed an order on the Facebook marketplace but when you received your product the parts of the product were missing and the remaining parts were broken. It can make you anxious and disturbed. But we suggest you to stay relaxed and calm as we have an option that can help to claim a refund from the seller. To know more follow the steps written below.

How To File A Purchase Protection Claim On Facebook?

Step 1. Firstly, open “Facebook”>”Log In” to your account.

Step 2. Secondly, Go to the “Marketplace” option.

Step 3. Check out the Facebook “Details Of Seller” to contact.

Step 4. Visit Facebook “Messanger”>have a “Conversation” with the seller.

When You Can Claim For Purchase Protection?

If you want to claim for purchase protection on the Facebook marketplace then you have to know on what basis or when you can claim for it. Purchase protection comes in the policy of Facebook which means if the issue falls into the category of policy then it can be solved. To know in explanation read below.

  • If you have not received your purchased items. Your item can be delivered to your address within 3 to 4 days or if it is delayed then it can be delivered in 16 days. However, you can check the details of your items through the link that is provided by the seller.
  • The product is damaged or different from the product you ordered.
  • The seller is not giving proper details and not following the Facebook marketplace policy.
  • Unauthorized purchases.

Which Purchased Items Are Not Protected?

  • Any products or services that are prohibited.
  • Products marked as received.
  • Vehicles.
  • Real estate.
  • Financial products or investments.
  • Precious metals and gemstones.
  • Equity or debt in a business.
  • Custom or made-to-order items.
  • Services.
  • Donations.
  • Industrial machinery.
  • Perishable items.
  • Buyer’s remorse.
  • Items are shipped using an intermediary or freight forwarding service.
  • Items where the exchange of the purchased item happens in person
  • Orders that have already been refunded or charged back by the buyer’s bank
  • Damage that occurs to items after they are delivered
  • Items bought through onsite checkout with a purchase price over $2,000
  • Tickets
  • Antiques and collectibles.

So these are the list of items that the Facebook team has highlighted in which you cannot claim for the purchase protection.

Note: Features like purchase protection of Facebook marketplace does not work in India. If you are an Indian user and received broken or wrong product then we suggest you to contact directly to the seller rather than asking for the help to Facebook team.

Wrapping Up 

We hope our article on how to file a purchase protection claim on Facebook helped you to claim for refund. Our experts have worked on this feature so that we can provide you with crystal-clear knowledge. Knowing this can be very beneficial as we have elaborated every aspect of purchase protection. If you have questions or suggestions you can write them in the comment section given below. We would love to exchange knowledge with informative comments. Moreover, if you like our content provide your feedback in the comment section only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I get my money back if scammed on the Facebook marketplace?

Ans. No, You can not get your money back. We always guide you to have safe and peaceful shopping on the Facebook marketplace. Whenever you are shopping from the Facebook marketplace check out the details of the seller and then shop from their online store.

Q2. How do I not get scammed when selling on Facebook?

Ans. If you don’t want to get scammed while selling your products. Then we suggest you use the Facebook pay method, and take pre-payments, moreover, we advise you not to take an extra amount from the buyer. Most important check their Facebook account details.

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