June 17, 2024
How To Do Thumbs Up On Facebook?

How To Do Thumbs Up On Facebook? Elaborated Guide!

A thumbs-up is a reaction that expresses our feelings towards the post or any status uploaded on Facebook. It indicates a good reaction, virtual hugs, applauses, and positivity. Let’s move to the article that shares ideas on how to do thumbs up on Facebook. By adding a thumbs up you can make connectivity with your audience.

If you are not interested in replying with text and looking for a solution then this article on how to do thumbs on Facebook can definitely help you by following three simple steps start by Opening Facebook>Log To Your Account>Visit On Home Page>Below The Post You Can Spot The Like Button>You Can Click It and you are done with a thumbs-up reaction on the post. 

How To Do Thumbs Up On Facebook?

It feels good when we receive or send thumbs up as a reaction to a post. Users can also get notifications that his/her friends liked his/her posts. It can be done in various ways in different sections. Basically, it is introduced as a like button by Facebook. Under given steps describe how to do thumbs up on a Facebook feed post.

Step 1. Firstly you start by “Opening Facebook” on your mobile phone.

Step 2. Go ahead by “Login” on your mobile phone.

Step 3. Then your “Home Page” is visible.

Step 4. Now scroll down and you can spot posts with three options “Like, Comment, and Message” below the post.

Step 5. Tap on the “Like-Button” and your reaction is shared.

How To Do Thumbs Up On Facebook Story?

The story is a section on Facebook where we share our thoughts, photos, videos, and reels. Suppose we love someone’s story and want to give a reaction without typing a text message there like the button solves our problem. I have highlighted very easy steps Have a look

Step 1. Begin with launching the “Facebook App” on your phone.

Step 2. Add your account details and “Login” your account.

Step 3. Now you are on the “Home Page” of your account.

Step 4. You can see stories in “Rectangular Boxes” Tap to open it.

Step 5. Then on the right corner, you can see “Thumbs Up” Select it and give your reaction to the story.

How To Give Thumbs Up Reaction On Messenger App?

Messenger is the alternative app of Facebook to have a conversation with your friends. During the chat, we can also share thumbs up as a reaction to the message. To know how to look downwards.

Step 1. Download the “Messenger App” > get “Logged In” on your phone, firstly.

Step 2. After that click on Chat Section” to open chat.

Step 3. Then open it you can see a “Thumb” below the right corner.

Step 4. Then, to share it “Tap On It” It can be adjusted according to the size>Hold to share it in “Big Size” with your friend.

Can We React With Multiple Reactions On Facebook?

You can give multiple reactions according to your mood or according to the post that your friend has shared. let us take an example, one of your friends shared an obituary hence you can’t react heart to it but you can react with a sad emoticon as your reaction. In fact, for different scenarios, you can get options for reacting right next to the thumbs up.

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Wrapping Up!

This article holds the idea of how to do a thumbs up on Facebook. I have covered all the main points as well easy to help you out and I can assure you that once you read it, you can never find resistance while reacting on Facebook. If you have queries or questions regarding this article you can reach us in the comment sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does thumbs up mean? 

Ans. A thumbs-up is a reaction. However, it is also considered a symbol of encouragement, like, and approval. While reacting to the post you can find other reactions along with thumbs-up. But if like a post then you have to react with thumbs up.

Q2. How do thumbs up on the Facebook mobile app? 

Ans. You can achieve this in three simple steps open Facebook>log to your account>you can see posts on the home page>Below the post you can spot the like button>You can click it and you are done with a thumbs-up reaction on the post.

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