June 19, 2024
How To Fix Instagram Threads Not Permitted

How To Fix Instagram Threads Not Permitted? 6 Ways To Fix Now!

Meta in association with Instagram has successfully launched another competitive app that kind of resembles the working of Twitter but is better. Many Instagram users are eagerly joining the threads app but on the downside, they are facing many issues one of which is “Instagram threads not permitted”. If you are facing the same issue and wondering how to fix Instagram threads not permitted we will guide you through.

To know how to fix Instagram threads not permitted error you must download the threads app separately, ensure you are not using an invalid Instagram account to log in on threads, make sure your account is not shadow banned for violating the guidelines and policies, try to reinstall the threads app, reboot your device. There are many other potential troubleshooting methods you can imply to know how to fix Instagram threads not permitted errors and we have discussed all of them in the section below.

Why Are You Seeing Instagram Threads Not Permitted Error?

Before we get into how to fix Instagram threads not permitted let’s know the reason behind you facing the issue. There can be many reasons why you facing the threads not permitted issue on Instagram as listed below:

1. Threads app might not be available in your country.

2. You are using an invalid Instagram id to log in to your Thread account.

3. You might have violated the policies or guidelines of Instagram.

4. The Apps server is down at the moment.

5. An inactive Instagram account can also cause this issue.

6. You have not downloaded the thread app separately.

How To Fix Instagram Threads Not Permitted Error?

How To Fix Instagram Threads Not Permitted

Now that we know the reasons behind Instagram account not permitted error let’s dig in to know how to fix Instagram threads not permitted. Follow up on the provided solution to fix the Instagram thread permit issue easily.

1. Download Thread App Separately.

To fix the issue make sure you have downloaded the thread app separately on your device from the app store or play store. The app is not available across the globe and is easily accessible to all. To download the Threads app>Open play store or app store> Search for “Instagram Threads”>tap on Instagram threads from the given results>tap on the “Get” option to download and install the app to your device.

2. Try Using Another Account To Log In.

If you are still facing the issue we recommend you try using another Instagram account to log in to Instagram threads as there can be chances that you are using an inactive account.

3. Reboot Your Device.

Try to restart or reboot your device to fix the issue and see for yourself if the issue is resolved or not.

4. Uninstall and Reinstall The App.

Try to un-install the threads app and then reinstall it again to eradicate any miscellaneous issues causing the issue with the app.

5. Turn Off VPN.

If you have enabled VPN on your device make sure to turn it off and then try using the app to resolve the Instagram thread permit error.

6. Wait For A while For The Servers To Replenish.

As the app is a fresh launch and has a record-breaking 5 million users already it can be quite troublesome for the servers to handle all at once. Therefore to know how to fix Instagram threads not permitted errors make sure the servers are working fine and wait for a while and try to log in again after some time.

7. Contact Instagram Support Team.

If none of the above-given methods worked in your favor the last resort is to contact Instagram’s support team. Thoroughly explain your issue to the support team to them to get a solution as quickly as you can.

End Line.

We hope by now you have learned how to fix Instagram threads not permitted. As the app is quite new and we are still trying to get hold of it. With time we will be updating more solutions for “Instagram threads not permitted” error. Till then if you have any other queries or suggestions you can comment in the section below.

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Q1. How to activate threads on Instagram?

Instagram threads are linked to your Instagram account therefore to activate the Instagram thread you need to download the Instagram thread app and log in by using your Instagram account details>you will be asked to follow people you follow on your Instagram account and by doing this you will be activating Instagram threads.

Q2. Do I need Instagram for threads?

Threads app is launched by Meta and one can only use the app if they have an Instagram account. Therefore an Instagram account is needed to log in to the Threads app.

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